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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Stand-in The One Show presenter isn't a hit with viewers

The guests didn't seem bowled over either

Every now and then when The One Show pulls in a guest host, they come up with a cracker. But last night’s new presenter has got viewers in a bit of twist.

Stand-in presenter Amol Rajan clashed with comedians Tim Minchin and Brian Conley during interviews with them.

Amol and Alex on The One Show couch (Credit: BBC)

Firstly the BBC's media editor upset Strictly Come Dancing contestant Brian, as he was practising with his professional partner, Amy Dowden, outside The One Show’s BBC's studios.

Amol remarked: "Cor, you're looking good out there Brian."

"Don't patronise me" (Credit: Twitter)

Brian turned to the camera whilst he was dancing and said: "Don't patronise me."


He also made another booboo, appearing horrified when Tim Minchin revealed he hadn't washed his hair for four days. But it was Amol's reaction that shocked the Aussie star.

The drama started when Alex Jones asked Tim when was the last time he washed his hair.

"It's all about timing your last wash for me. It's just the right level of dirt," said Tim, before revealing that it was about four days since he last washed his long locks.

Er, you don't like how I wash my hair? (Credit: BBC)

Clearly not impressed with that response, Amol said: "Oh no, no, no."

Tim asked: "You don't like that? Not the last wash of my body, just the hair."

But it seemed to be the final question that Amol asked that annoyed Tim and viewers at home.

Amol asked: "Do you tie up your hair as you're washing your body?"

That's a little personal, people don't want to know that.

To which Tim sharply replied: "That's a little personal, people don't want to know that."

After staying quiet, main host Alex Jones quickly intervened and steered the topic away, only for Amol to carry on, saying he washed his hair with shampoo and conditioner every day, laughingly adding that it might actually be the reason he's losing it.

To which Tim replied laughing, “You’re overdoing it!”

Online, viewers were a bit shocked with Amol’s questioning,

Whilst others agreed with the condition of Tim’s hair,

One thing is for sure, Amol certainly got noticed on TV, even if it wasn't for the right reasons!