EastEnders: Stacey’s child in danger!

As if she wasn't already suffering enough

EastEnders Stacey Fowler is set to get some bad news following Kush Kazemi’s heart attack and it’s going to send her world into a spin.

With husband Martin still in prison following the gas explosion where he pushed a police officer (don’t even get us started on the fact that Joyce Murray was let out after confessing to shooting someone), Stacey’s finding everything is getting on top of her.

Although she was worried about Kush after his heart attack, it’s only when she learns he has a genetic heart condition that her concern really starts to grow.

As Kush fights for his life, the news it could affect Arthur hits Stacey hard (Credit: BBC)

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While we don’t know yet whether Kush is set to live or die, we do know that his condition could affect his son with Stacey, Arthur.

Stacey takes the little lad to the hospital, hoping for some answers, but her world is thrown further into a spin when she gets there.

“Stacey has had to take the tot to hospital for some tests and it’s been a frightening time,” an EastEnders on-set source told Inside Soap.

“She was expecting to find out the results straight away, so she’s disheartened to learn that she will actually have to wait for a specialist appointment next week to discuss what’s wrong.

“It’s tough for any mum to go through – but even harder for Stacey now that her husband is banged up.”

The couple are happy to be reunited (Credit: BBC)

With Stacey feeling she has to hide the situation from imprisoned Martin, she’s coping with this, as well as her current pregnancy, on her own.

She talks to stepdaughter Bex, and Martin’s ex-wife Sonia, about her situation and is encouraged to talk to Martin when she goes to visit him in prison.

Martin isn’t doing all that well inside (Credit: BBC)

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As Stace resolves to come clean to her husband about what’s going on with Arthur and his potentially life-threatening condition, when she gets to the prison, reality hits her.

She can see Martin’s having a really hard time inside and doesn’t want to make it worse. So instead, she keeps quiet and tries to lift his spirits.

With Sonia and Bex willing to help out, it relieves the pressure somewhat, but with Arthur’s impending test results weighing heavily on her mind, can Stacey find a way to cope?

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