Stacey Solomon’s kids spend their first night in own bedroom after nine years sleeping in her bed

Her little ones are entering a new phase...

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She won herself hordes of fans just by being a down to earth, regular mum who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

And now Loose Women’s Stacey Solomon, 27, has revealed she’s just like many mums when it comes to her little ones jumping into bed with her in the middle of the night!

In an adorable picture shared to her Instagram, she showed off the new addition to her home that has finally stopped her two boys disturbing her sleep.

Stacey shared a picture of her sons’ fun new bed. (Credit: Instagram)

The photo shows a funky new Lego-themed bunk bed, complete with a slide, with Stacey kissing goodnight to sons Zachary, nine, and five-year-old Leighton.

A slide on the bed? No wonder they don’t fancy crawling in with mum!

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Stacey shared a sweet caption alongside the pic, which read: “So, last night I spent the first night without my children coming in to my room and sleeping with me in 9 years.

Stacey is a proud mum of two [Credit: Instagram]
“I’m sure a lot of people will have something to say about that but I honestly don’t care.

“I love sleeping with my children and would do it forever if I could.

“Those cuddles, the kick in the face, the kisses in the morning. I live for that.

“However, I have come to the realisation that as much as I love it, I also value my sleep, and relationship and I know that with extra special people coming into my life there simply isn’t enough room for us all and everybody benefits from a good night’s sleep. ”

Stacey, who is in a relationship with fellow TV presenter Joe Swash, detailed how she hunted for the perfect bed, until she found this one, and praised how easy the process was getting her kids back into their own room.

Stacey says she ‘values her relationship’ with boyfriend Joe Swash

She continued: “I didn’t even have to spend the usual 35 minutes saying ‘half an hour boys, 20 minutes now, come on bed time boys, bed time BED TIME’.

“They were asking me ‘is it bed time yet mummy?’ and at 7pm they ran up, chose their bunks and went to sleep.

“I assumed the novelty would wear off and they’d wake up in the night and come in but, I woke up to an empty bed after a full night’s sleep and to my surprise there they were, fast asleep in their bed.”

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She finished off by admitting she ‘felt a little sad’ that they are onto a new phase.

She might feel a little differently once she’s had a few good nights’ kip!