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Friday 15th November 2019

Stacey Solomon explains VERY divisive National Television Awards outfit

She has a point!

Stacey Solomon has explained just why she decided to wear trainers on the red carpet at the National Television Awards.

The mum of two raised eyebrows when she opted for the comfortable flat shoes over a pair of killer high heels while attending the glitzy bash in London on Tuesday night.

She proudly posed for the cameras in a pretty satin purple frock teamed with white trainers.

Stacey wore trainers with her pretty dress (Credit: ITV)

And appearing on today's Loose Women, she explained just why she'd made the interesting fashion choice.

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She said that no matter what happens, every awards show is followed by articles pulling apart celebrities' red carpet fashion choices - and she's had enough!

Stacey said: "Everyone will always judge you so I just thought I'd wear something I actually liked and feel comfortable.

Everyone will always judge you so I just thought I'd wear something I actually liked and feel comfortable.

"I've been told in the past I looked like a curtain, got it wrong because I wore the same dress as someone else, so why not wear what I want?"

The Loose Women on the red carpet at the NTAs (Credit: Wenn/Lia Toby)

Stacey's bold fashion choice certainly divided opinion, with some people LOVING her comfortable twist on a glam outfit, and others thinking trainers on a red carpet are inappropriate.

One said: "Love it. I always say I'd love to wear my trainers out on a night out but never have the balls too. Heels are just a pain especially when u want a good dance."

And another added: "Fabulous!! Love how you actually did it & wore your trainers ... AND ROCKED them with your gorgeous dress."

Loose Women lost out to This Morning in the Best Daytime category (Credit: Getty)

However, other comments included: "Really? Why trainers with a dress. You could of done FLAT shoes... you could of still danced all night in flat shoes hun x (sic)."

Someone else said: "A beautiful girl inside and out ... call me old fashioned but trainers on the red carpet?"

Stacey went on to say that being criticised for your fashion choice can ruin a good evening.

"If you've ever been to the toilet with friends on a night out and hear someone say something about your outfit. If you've felt good and really love your outfit, just one little comment from someone can put a whole different spin on your evening.

"People should be mindful of what they're saying."

Stacey is fed up with being judged (Credit: ITV)

And Stacey said she disagrees with the 'best dressed and worst dressed' lists that circulate after an awards show.

She proved that last night by angrily responding to one such tweet about those who had apparently failed to impress on the red carpet, firing back: "Your list sucks. Everyone looked amazing tonight!"

Go, Stace!

Plenty of Loose Women viewers applauded Stacey's choice of comfort over stiletto heels.

Ruth Langsford said she completely agreed with Stacey's sentiments, saying: "All the pictures the morning after are of women and who wore what best, marks out of ten. There isn't a single picture of a man. They never do which man wore what best.

"You spend a lot of time getting prepared for a night out. There are a lot of cameras there, you choose your dress and the red carpet is nerve-wracking.

"I hate to say like we're whinging as we had a great night, but it starts to annoy me the next day when it's all about who wore what and who is the most stylish.

"It's so easy for men."

Ruth agreed with Stacey's comments (Credit: ITV)

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Stacey then joked she would be wearing a tuxedo to her next red carpet as men in tuxedos never have to worry about best or worst dressed lists!

Go for it, Stace, we reckon you'd look great!