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Monday 19th August 2019

Stacey Solomon praised for flashing her fleshy bits in Halloween costume

Love your love handles

Loose Women's Stacey Solomon shared a Facebook video detailing her struggles to accept her looks as she prepared for a Halloween night out, and her fans adore her for it.

The singer spoke about her dream of dressing as her idol, Julia Roberts, from the classic film Pretty Woman.

Stacey dressed as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman for Halloween (Credit: Facebook)

Having ordered Julia's iconic white and blue mini dress online, Stacey was dismayed to find that when she put it on, it displayed a little more love-handle than she was comfortable with.

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"My instant reaction was 'I can't go out like this,'" she said, "'I look awful, what am I going to do?'"

"But then I was like, 'Hold on a second, Stacey. Who are you and what do you stand for? This is normal, I do look good, and I can go out like this!'"

She went on to say that the fact that she never gets to see love handles or other wobbly bits when she's shopping is the only reason her own don't seem normal.

Julia Roberts in the iconic mini dress (Credit: Internet)

She ended by calling for a bit more diversity in the models chosen by online outlets, and quoted a key part of the movie: "Because I'm guessing you guys work on commission, and you are making  a big mistake. Big! Huge!"

She captioned the video with some further encouragement.

Massive shout out to anyone feeling the “wrong shape” to wear something.

"Channelling my inner Julia tonight no matter what society leads me to believe is appropriate shape dressing (after feeling extremely insecure about my highly anticipated fancy dress outfit). 😂 Massive shout out to anyone feeling the “wrong shape” to wear something."

Stacey and a friend headed out for Halloween (Credit: Flynet)

"Just letting you know I’ve definitely felt the same but actually we are all different shapes and none of them are right or wrong for anything!

"Be who you want to be, dress how you want to dress. Sometimes it’s hard because we never see wobbly bits when we are buying clothes AT ALL, so when we get them and put them on they automatically look wrong, we’ve been conditioned to think they should look completely different!

"But the reality is you look perfect just as you are. Never let anyone stop you being your inner Julia haha love love love you HAPPY HALLOWEEEN!!! 🎃"

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Stacey's fans flooded her with supportive comments, saying her confidence helped them deal with their attitudes to their own bodies.

"I absolutely love you Stacey... you are such a massive role model to every girl out there.

"I as a 24 year old love seeing these posts. I am so self-conscious, my boyfriend says I am gorgeous and I know I should listen :) your posts make me feel better and I wish this world has more people like you x:) THANK YOU!" said one fan.

"Love u Stacey. It's because of u that I feel so much more body confident. Ur such a fantastic role model. Xx," said another.

Stacey celebrating Halloween dressed as her idol (Credit: Facebook)

To round off the evening, Stacey posted a photo from the party she attended - with a smile as big as Julia's herself.