Stacey Solomon warns Joe Swash never to send her a naughty picture

These two are just quality entertainment!

Stacey Solomon has admitted she’d be “shocked and horrified” if boyfriend Joe Swash ever sent her an X-rated photo.

The couple appeared on Thursday night’s Celebrity Juice where, as you’d expect, naughty Keith Lemon took delight in making them squirm.

Keith asked Joe if he’d ever sent Stacey a nude picture of himself, to which Joe said: “I don’t think I have.”

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash revealed their secrets on Celebrity Juice (Credit: ITV)

And that’s a good thing, as Stacey replied: “I’d be shocked and horrified!”

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Stacey then left Joe red-faced by revealing she buys all his tanning supplies for him, although Joe instantly claimed that wasn’t true.

He told Keith: “Stacey does this thing. I want to put it out there! She’ll invent a story and then trick me into thinking a story is true. One day she told me I was 37 and for a whole day I thought 30 [bleeping] 7! I’m 36!”

Holly Willoughby, on the opposite team, seemed grossed out by the couple’s bathroom habits! (Credit: ITV)

Stacey was in hysterics but insisted that she does buy Joe’s tanning supplies!

Meanwhile, the duo left Celebrity Juice team captain Holly Willoughby cringing, by revealing some very intimate information about their bathroom habits.

Stacey revealed the duo like to share baths, but only “until he wees in it and then I run out. I have to properly have no bubbles so I can make sure.”

Stacey and Joe were in Fearne Cotton’s team with John Newman (Credit: ITV)

An embarrassed Joe denied that, but Keith reckoned he looked guilty!

Stacey then took it one step further by declaring: “When I’m in the bath he comes and does a poo.”

She clarified she meant in the toilet while she’s bathing, not doing it in the bath!

Fans loved the couple’s appearance (Credit: ITV)

That shocked Holly, who told Joe that wasn’t allowed!

But Joe hit back: “Stacey does exactly the same.”

Plenty of fans, however, found it hilarious and lavished praise on Stacey and Joe’s obvious connection.

Also appearing on the latest Celebrity Juice were show regular Gino D’Acampo, Stormzy’s TV presenter girlfriend Maya Jama, and musician John Newman.

As always, Holly and Fearne Cotton were team captains.

Celebrity Juice airs Thursdays at 10pm on ITV2.

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