Stacey Solomon can’t conceal her delight at Joe Swash’s homemade Valentine’s Day gift

Adorable Valentine's present!

Daytime TV legend Stacey Solomon ended up with a huge smile on her face this Valentine’s Day.

Stacey, 30, received a special Valentine’s hamper from boyfriend Joe Swash, stuffed full of all the things she loves.

The Loose Women star couldn’t stop giggling as she received the adorable gift, and said ‘she might cry’ as she shared the gesture with her millions of Instagram fans.

Joe gave Stacey a lovely surprise (Credit:
Joe gave Stacey a lovely surprise (Credit:

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Taking to her Instastories, Stacey showed a series of videos of Joe handing over the gift.

Dancing On Ice star Joe, 38, handed over the pink hamper – which had ‘Happy Valentines Day… Love You’ written on the side – while Stacey was doing the washing up, and she soon burst out laughing when she saw what was inside.

She couldn’t stop laughing at Joe’s homemade gift (Credit: Instagram)

As the camera pointed downwards to reveal the contents, Stacey asked Joe if he made it himself.

When he said yes, she began to giggle she captioned the image: “Joe just got home and I can’t stop laughing at this.”

Joe just got home and I can’t stop laughing at this.

“I don’t know why I’m laughing,” she continued in the video.

“This is honestly the best hamper I’ve ever had in my life.”

Captioning the next video, “I’m so happy right now”, Stacey then took fans through the contents of the hamper, which Joe said was full of her ‘favourite things’.

Stacey showed off a jar of pickles, some Daim bars, a jar of bath pearls, a bath bomb, and a heart-shaped Polly Pocket toy.

Stacey was particularly taken with the Polly Pocket toy (Credit: Instagram)

Stacey then got to opening the toy, which she called ‘old school’ and cooed: “This is the best thing EVER.

“I actually remember this like it was yesterday. I think I might cry.

“This might be the start of a collection. You can still play with toys when you’re an adult can’t you?”

She said she was going to play with her toy all weekend (Credit: Instagram)

Finally, as Stacey told fans: “This is what I’ll be spending my weekend doing.

“Pretty sure I should thank my sister for this too, there must have been some kind of team effort for this magic.”

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Stacey’s joy contrasted with emotional scenes on a recent episode of Loose Women, where she fought back tears after revealing her struggles while breastfeeding baby Rex.

The mum-of-three recalled the pressure she put on herself to breastfeed the tot because she had “romanticised” the process in her head.

She told her fellow Loose Women panellists: “I really wanted to breastfeed and I don’t know why… I think about that a lot. I didn’t feel any pressure. Society isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago, 11 years ago when I had my eldest, where I felt I had to breastfeed because I was told to.”

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