Stacey Solomon shocks Loose Women panel with her views on getting intimate in public

It's exactly as nature intended

Loose Women panellist, Stacey Solomon, really keeps us entertained with some of her views, but her latest claim – that seeing people having sex in public is natural – had us scratching our heads a bit.

She couldn’t put her finger on why she’d be so outraged (Credit: ITV)

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The ladies were talking about the British couple who are facing jail-time after being caught getting down and dirty in a branch of Dominos, while waiting for their double-stuffed crusts.

The subject was met with giggles from the audience but Kaye Adams wasn’t not impressed, saying that we laugh about these kind of shenanigans too much.

She took a strong stance on the dirty duo, insisting that it wasn’t funny at all, just offensive.

She said: “‘If a guy was stood there masturbating, would we have found it funny? No.” Which is a decent point.

Stacey added that she agreed with Kaye that she’d be outraged if she saw it, but wasn’t sure why she should be, seeing how natural sex is.

Kaye didn’t see the funny side (Credit: ITV)

The former X Factor star said: “I’m outraged, I can’t imagine seeing that, but then I think why am I outraged?

“It’s a natural normal thing. I also have a problem with nudity, but what is so offensive about seeing something that’s completely natural?”

We’re not entirely sure how natural seeing people getting jiggy while you’re waiting for your dough balls to cook is though.

Kaye then argued that the same question could be asked about women’s cervical smear tests, in that case.

Stacey argued: “Maybe if it was just a cervix, it wouldn’t be such a big deal to some people and it wouldn’t be this whole thing we panic about.”

She continued: “Aren’t we meant to be sexual beings?”

“Not in a pizza shop!” Kaye quipped. Which again is a good point. Why didn’t the amorous pair just get a home delivery?

The panel were discussing sex in public (Credit: ITV)

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Daniella Hirst and boyfriend, Craig Smith, were convicted of public indecency yesterday (Thursday 21 September) and now face jail time.

They were caught romping on CCTV, having sex over the counter while waiting for their order.