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Stacey Solomon jumps to the defence of Gemma Atkinson as she’s trolled online

Gemma said "mum-shaming" happens on a daily basis

Mum-of-three Stacey Solomon has jumped to the defence of Gemma Atkinson after she was trolled by the so-called “mummy police”.

Earlier this week, Gemma shared a series of videos of herself in her home gym, working out as daughter Mia toddled around alongside her.

The video seemed innocent enough, but it was enough to bring out the trolls.

Stacey Solomon has leapt to Gemma Atkinson’s defence (Credit: Splash News)

Why was Gemma trolled?

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Gemma revealed a comment she’d received on the post.

It read: “If this woman isn’t in the gym being distracted, her flaming dog are all over the place.

“People like her really make me mad. The children are the last thing they think about.

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“Children of Mia’s age are a 24/7 – please take a leaf out of Stacey Solomon’s book or look at her Instagram.

“Rex and her other boys always come first.”

Gemma reposted the comment and said she gets comments like that “daily”.

Hold your head high and take no notice of anyone who tries to drag you down.

She added that it’s “absolutely pathetic that other women feel the need to say this stuff. Shame on you all.”

What did Stacey Solomon say?

Stacey clearly agreed, as she reposted Gemma’s story and added a comment of her own.

“Marie, Marie, Marie, where do I start?” Stacey said.

“It might shock you to know that sometimes, just sometimes, I put myself first.

“Some days I choose Peaky Blinders over Peppa Pig, crisps over carrots and sometimes I lock myself in the toilet and pretend I’m doing the longest poo in the world just to get some me time,” she said.

Gemma’s been trolled by the mummy police (Credit: Splash News)

She then addressed Gemma directly.

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“Gemma, you’re smashing it. Keep being an amazing mummy to that beautiful woman you are raising.

“Hold your head high and take no notice of anyone who tries to drag you down.”

Stacey concluded her post by saying: “Women supporting women and mothers supporting mothers is so important.”

Earlier today, Gemma announced she was joining the panel of Steph McGovern’s new daytime show.

She’ll be seen on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch when it starts later this month.

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