Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon hits back at mum-shaming trolls slamming her for ‘cuddling Rex too much’

People need to mind their own business

TV favourite Stacey Solomon has told interfering busybodies on social media to back off after coming in for some ridiculous abuse over how she raises baby Rex.

The mum-of-three scoffed at mum-shaming trolls who tried to tell her she is holding back her youngest’s development because of the amount of affection she is showing him.

According to her haters on Instagram, Loose Women star Stacey is giving Rex too many hugs – and preventing him from sleeping through the night.

However, 30-year-old Stacey – who has to endure all manner of jibes about her parenting from anonymous online commenters – has not been standing for the criticism hurled her way, dismissing the ‘Susans’ and their unwelcome advice.

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She fumed on her Insta Stories: “I’ve been lucky enough to come across some interesting messages this morning from some Susans.

“‘Why is your baby not through the night yet? 4am? That’s not normal, it’s probably because you cuddle him to sleep far too much’,” she said, as if voicing the Susans’ concerns herself.

Maybe, Susan, you shouldn’t be messaging sleep-deprived mothers?

An unamused Stace responded: “Maybe, Susan, you shouldn’t be messaging sleep-deprived mothers who don’t give a shoe’s horn what you think of their sleep routines?”

She continued, hinting those making the remarks should button it: “I love to give him a cuddle to sleep and I don’t want to let him cry it out.

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“Sometimes he sleeps really well and sometimes he doesn’t but it works for us. If we’re happy, you should be too.”

Stacey also captioned her clips, including the rebuttal: “Honestly if you ever feel under pressure to do something because someone says what you’re doing isn’t right…

“Don’t listen! Do what feel rights and works for you. EVERYONE has a different way of doing things, the most important thing is that you and your baby are happy.”

Just two weeks ago Stace had to contend with other thoughtless comments from some social media users who think they know best.

She hit back in a series of Insta Stories posts after she received notifications from followers who mistakenly believed she had put Rex down for a nap outside.

“I’ve received quite a number of concerned messages along the lines of, ‘Where’s your child’s blanket? It’s freezing outside!'” she addressed her critics.

With a scoff and a chuckle or two, she continued: “Susan, Susan, Susan… He’s not sleeping in the garden.

“It is warm in here and [he] doesn’t need a blanket.”

Stacey then posted an additional Story showing her smiling and merrily mopping up in her kitchen, with the clip soundtracked by the chorus of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ hit Three Little Birds.

“[This is] a message to all the Susans all around the world worried about other people’s Pickles when there’s no need to be worried,” she captioned a series of clips.

A subsequent story showing an awake Rex also contained a sarcastic comeback to those lecturing Stace on how to raise her infant son.

“He’s up and he hasn’t turned into an icicle, phew,” she joked at the time.

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