Stacey Dooley messaged Phoebe

Stacey Dooley sends gorgeous message to little girl picked on for her hair colour

And thousands of others joined in after doting dad's tweet

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A doting dad has been inundated with support from Stacey Dooley and hundreds of thousands of strangers after he asked social media for help with his daughter.

Matt Westwood shared a photograph of his 12 year old, Phoebe, on Twitter, alongside a heartbreaking message.

Stacey Dooley
Stacey Dooley has sent a message of encouragement (Credit: Splash)

He wrote: “My 12-year-old daughter is getting fed up of being called carrot etc. now.

“I’ve told her every ‘like’ is a show of love for the hair. Help me out please guys!”

At the time of writing, thousands of people have liked, retweeted and commented on the post.

The toll stood at 12.7K comments, 7.3K retweets and 215K likes this evening.

‘You are beautiful’

TV presenter and fellow redhead Stacey Dooley wrote back to Matt and his daughter, saying: ”YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

“You’ll be getting messages from girls in years to come saying they love your hair.

“Mine is actually less red now naturally, as I get older, so I dye it orange to keep hold of the ginger.”

Another tweeter posted: “From a fellow redhead who was also bullied at school, please reassure her it will become nothing but an amazing asset.

They’ve certainly made her feel better about being a redhead.

“She‘s already rocking it.”

Stacey Dooley Phoebe Matt
Dad Matt asked Twitter for likes to cheer daughter Phoebe up about her red hair (Credit: Matt Westwood)

Most beautiful colour”

“It’s the most beautiful colour, which is why artists have always been obsessed with it,” wrote another supporter. “Tried to henna mine many times when young but could never pull it off!”

A third assured: “She has gorgeous hair!

“She needs to learn to look at rude idiots with a calm, unblinking stare whenever they are rude.

“After about 30 seconds, she then says, with no inflection, ‘interesting’, turns and walks away.”

‘Gingers RULE!’

Yet another messaged: “It takes time to embrace but once you learn to love the locks you were given.

“No “carrot top” comments can bring you down! Gingers RULE!”

Following the incredible response, Matt returned to his thread to leave a second message.

He wrote: “Really didn’t expect it to reach so many people. Thanks for all the nice comments.

“Only put this up to show her things change and she’ll love it in time!”

Matt exclusively told Entertainment Daily: “I’m amazed by the response I’ve had!

‘Such lovely comments’

“Never did I imagine this subject would reach so many people! Phoebe’s amazed that so many have commented with such lovely comments.

“And they’ve certainly made her feel better about being a redhead, she says.”

Wear it with pride, Phoebe!

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