Emmerdale SPOILER: Fans are convinced Lachlan White will kill again

Because two deaths aren't enough, apparently

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Phew! Don’t know about you but we’re still trying to catch our breath after last night’s epic Emmerdale double bill that saw Chrissie and Lawrence White killed.

The pair were traveling in a speeding car, along with Rebecca and Lachlan, when the unhinged teen suddenly snapped and turned on Chrissie, letting her know exactly what he thought of her.

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Lachlan was furious after discovering his mum had manipulated his girlfriend, Belle Dingle, into dumping him so he would join the rest of the family as they fled to Australia.

As Chrissie raced after Robert Sugden – who had discovered the family’s plan to disappear and snatched baby Seb – Lachlan branded her a monster and began singing a creepy lullaby.

He then grabbed the steering wheel from his mum and veered their 4×4 into the path of an oncoming lorry.

The car was crushed and sent flying – killing Chrissie and Lawrence pretty much instantly (although Lachlan and Robert got a chance to say goodbye to Chrissie.)

Robert – who’d witnessed the crash – called an ambulance and Rebecca was taken to intensive care with internal bleeding. It’s not clear if she’ll pull through, but fans are convinced Lachlan will make sure she doesn’t.

They think he’ll pull the plug on her life support machine to keep his dark secret buried.

“I feel like Lachlan is gonna kill Rebecca because he said “ALL THE MONSTERS GO AWAY”! Plus she knows what happened (unless she has brain damage lol) And also she would tie him to Robert because of Seb and Lachlan HATES Robert, so come on already! #Robron #Emmerdale,” predicted one fan.

Another added: “Lachlan survived that crash for a reason. He’s going to kill Rebecca just so he manages to take down his whole family before he goes. He’s going to panic people will find out what he did and kill her. There must be a reason Bex is in a coma and Lucky if fine #Emmerdale,”

While a third said: “I feel like Lachlan’s gonna realise thatRebecca is the only one that’s still alive who knows what he’s done, and she’s gonna end up on life support and he’s gonna turn it off, probs not though #emmerdale @emmerdale @emily_head.”

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Will he kill again?

Fans are also convinced that Lachlan will be caught out because Gerry’s voicemail was recording the whole thing. Will Lachlan realise? And will that mean Gerry’s in danger too?

It’s almost too much to take.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV

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