EastEnders SPOILER: Will Steven Beale Kill Jane?

Let's face it, the boy's got form

It looks like Jane Beale’s life could be in danger next week when she works out Steven’s cancer lie in EastEnders.

Is Jane onto Steven? (Credit: BBC)

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As we know, Steven has been fibbing to his fiancee, Lauren Branning, about his terminal brain cancer.

So far, she’s only let the secret slip to her sister and dad – who both know Steve-O’s lying but haven’t thought to tell her it’s all a scam.

But next week Lauren decides enough is enough and Jane and Ian need to know that Steven is dying. Ahem.

This looks like it will work out just fine.

Ian is devastated by the news – particularly after hearing from Bobby. Too many nasty emotions are raised about Lucy’s death and Ian panics.

He tells Jane that he can’t lose another child and frantically starts searching for alternative treatments online.

He thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he finds a place in America that could help with Steven’s ‘diagnosis’, and Jane throws herself into fighting for Steven too.

Will Jane be joining Lucy in Walford cemetery? (Credit: BBC)

But she becomes suspicious when Steven snaps at her while she asks him specifics about his cancer.

He tells her that he doesn’t want to be given false hope. Jane decides his reaction to possible life-saving treatment is a bit shady and confronts him over it.

We’re not totally sure that fronting up to psycho Steven is the best move here for Jane, especially considering the fella has shot her before.

We also wouldn’t put it past Steven to actually kill a person to keep his twisted secret hidden. Is Jane in real danger from her stepson?

What a tangled web he weaves (Credit: BBC)

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We’re betting she regrets the day she ever laid eyes on Ian after all this…