Coronation Street SPOILER: Will steps up his campaign of terror against Michelle

We haven't seen the worst of this wrong'un just yet

Michelle Connor unwittingly ends up in more danger next week as her creepy stalker, Will, worms his way into the Bistro.

Weird Will gets even closer to Michelle (Credit: ITV)

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Obsessed Will, as we well know is the one behind the recent terror campaign against Michelle, which has included a petrol bomb and a kidnapping.

And we can’t even get a text back.

But he steps things up a gear when he begins to immerse himself in Michelle and Robert’s world, under the guise of re-designing the Bistro.

Robert is furious when a review of the Bistro in the Gazette refers to him as ‘Nick’ – Will points out that it’s not really a surprise with the former owner’s name over the door.

Will offers to help Robert and Michelle design a funky new refurb for the Bistro. But is his kind offer really coming from the heart?

What do you think?

This bromance is going nowhere (Credit: ITV)

Things take a turn for the creepy when Will finds one of Mich’s silk scarves behind the bar and has a good sniff, before pocketing it.

We’re just grateful it wasn’t a pair of knickers.

His dastardly plan is basically to terrify Michelle so much that she feels her relationship with Robert is dangerous.

We’re assuming Will is planning to have his shoulder ready and waiting to cry on when Chelle’s relationship breaks down.

What a snake.

Will has been working hard with his campaign of terror against Michelle and Robert, subtly making it look like Robert’s old acquaintance, Rich, was to blame.

We’re not sure if Will’s sly plan pays off or not, but we’re guessing he doesn’t get very far with Michelle because Leon Ockenden, who plays the schemer, has recently filmed his last episodes.

He took to Twitter to thank Corrie’s cast and crew for being so awesome, and wowed in a skin-tight dress and heels.

Hot stuff, Leon (Credit: Leon Ockenden/Twitter)

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Looks like someone is taking the Sexiest Soap Star title very seriously.