EastEnders SPOILER: Will Max choose Carmel over Fi?

Is there a teeny, weeny chance his feelings are for real?

If you’re anything like us you’ve probably been watching the blossoming ‘relationship’ between Max Branning and Carmel Kazemi from behind a cushion.

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It’s been uncomfortable watching, on many levels. Shall we mention the footsie under the table at the Vic? Or Max saying he likes to ‘keep things dirty’ when Carmel said they were having good, clean fun.


It’s also horrible watching Carmel being led on by Max, who is secretly in a relationship with Fi Browning – a bolshy blonde who’s much more his type.

Max and Fi are using Carmel to pump her (pun totally intended) for information about Walford Council, which has something to do with Max’s great revenge plan. We don’t really understand what, but we’re not sure anyone does.

Anyway, the short version is he’s using her and has absolutely no feelings for her whatsoever. Or does he? Hmmm?

Next week, Carmel says those three words, eight letters, to Maxy and invites him on holiday with her. Bless her.

An excited Carmel asks him to join her, Denise, Kim, Kush and Vincent on holibobs. Sounds right up Max’s street. LOLZ.

He has to stall while he goes back to Fi and asks her what he should say. But if the holiday invite leaves Max shellshocked, how does he react when Carmel drops the L bomb on him too?

It’s early days to be throwing around declarations of love, but Max is playing the doting boyfriend very well. Next week he goes on the charm offensive and joins Carms and her boys, Kush and Shakil, for a family din-dins.

But while Carmel is eating out of the palm of his hand (which is quite rude when there are obviously plates), her sons aren’t quite so convinced and reckon there is something slippery about their ma’s new squeeze.

How very astute, Kush and Shaks.

At the end of the week, its holiday time and while Carmel and the gang prepare to jet off, it looks like Fi is left shocked when Max joins them.

Has he really chosen Carmel over her? Or has he decided he might as well get a nice bit of sun out of all his lies and deception?

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One thing’s for sure – someone’s heart is going to get broken here. And we’re not liking Carmel’s chances of coming through unscathed.