EastEnders SPOILER: Will Linda forgive Mick?

Get ready for a tense showdown between the Carters next week

It’s been pretty obvious (to us at least) that Mick Carter’s feelings for Whitney Dean haven’t gone away while she’s been away from the Square.

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Since Whit rocked up this week, with a new ‘do and a bit of finger bling, Mick’s been looking at her longingly – with Shirley giving her evils at the same time.

He isn’t happy that Whitney is now engaged to Woody, but is that because he genuinely doesn’t like the guy, or because he doesn’t want to see Whit with anyone apart from himself?

Linda returns from Watford next week – and Mick confesses to her that he kissed their former daughter-in-law. Will their marriage ever recover from the revelation?

Linda struggles to get her head around the fact that her hubby has cheated on her – because, for Linda, even a little kiss is a betrayal.

She’s left even more shaken when Mick tells her that he has deep feelings for Whitney, which pulls the pair even further apart. Sob.

On Tuesday, Whitney walks into the cross-fire and the three end up having some pretty heated talks. Will life ever be the same again at the pub?

Kellie Bright spoke to Inside Soap about the long-awaited three-hander episode, and even gave fans of Mick and Linda some hope.

She said: “You don’t just walk away from someone after 27 years over a kiss, even if there are feelings involved. Linda would be a fool to give up now and she knows it – but it’s just a matter of how she gets past it.

“Linda doesn’t think that Mick is in love with Whitney, certainly not to begin with anyway. She actually says to him, ‘You’re infatuated, you have a crush and you think it’s love.’

“The difficult thing for Linda is that she wants to forgive Mick, but I don’t think she has a clue how she’s going to get back to the way they were before any of this happened.”

Let’s not forget that Linda has been hiding a secret of her own. She’s been in Watford, supposedly looking after her sick mum, but viewers saw that Elaine appears to be right as rain.

When Linda returned to her mum’s pub after a short stint in Walford recently, Elaine asked her if she’d told Mick yet. Linda replied that she couldn’t. But we have no idea what they were talking about!

Fans have been speculating about Linda’s secret, some believing she’s been having an affair of her own! That would certainly be interesting.

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Will Mick and Linda be able to put everything behind them? We really hope so.