Emmerdale SPOILER: Will Debbie choose Tom or Ross?

She's torn between the two. Poor her.

Debbie Dingle finds herself in a bit of a potential love triangle situation in Emmerdale next week, when flashy newcomer, Tom, takes her on a date.

There’s an obvious attraction between Debbie and Tom (Credit: ITV)

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Needless to say, her on-off love interest Ross Barton, is left seething with jealousy when he finds out and kicks off, telling Debbie that Tom’s a wrong’un.

And we can’t even get a text back.

It all begins when Tom suggests he and Debbie meet for a spot of lunch. Debs is intrigued by him and is keen to find out what he wants from her.

They spend the date getting to know each other but, by the end of it, Debbie isn’t any the wiser about what it is Tom wants from her. And he’s not exactly coming out and saying it.

Ross is jealous of Debbie’s new romance (Credit: ITV)

Debbie expects the handsome businessman to make a move on her so, when he doesn’t, she’s left feeling more confused than ever.

Even worse, she knows that she’s hurting Ross by dating Tom because the Barton bad boy doesn’t exactly keep his feelings to himself about his love rival.

Ross tells Debbie that he thinks there’s something seriously shady about Tom. Is he right, or is his jealousy just going into overdrive?

With her head all over the place, Debbie decides to take a break from the Dales and, after talking it over with Moira, decides to give Tom another chance when she gets back.

Emmerdale boss, Iain Macleod, has his own theories about why Ross is so against Tom – it’s because they’re too similar.

Iain told “I feel like they’re in some respects quite similar characters; except one of them was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and the other was born with an oily wrench in his mouth.

“But actually, I think they’re bizarrely like two sides of the same coin so by that token, when they first meet they aren’t going to like each other that much.”

Has Tom got ulterior motives for Debbie? (Credit: ITV)

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So will Debbie choose Tom and break Ross’s heart? Or will Ross be proven right about his sneaky suspicions?

One thing we do know is that there are worse problems Debbie could have.

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