Coronation Street spoiler: Will Daniel stop Sinead and Chesney’s wedding?

Can he stand by and watch the love of his life marry another man?

Anyone with eyes can see that Sinead Tinker belongs with Daniel Osbourne – not fiance Chesney Brown.

But as she prepares to say ‘I do’ to Ches in tonight’s double episode of Corrie, will Daniel step in a stop the wedding?

We really hope so!

Lovesick Daniel has tried a few tricks to put an end to Ches and Sinead’s relationship.

First he played playing dirty, then he opted for being an upstanding, honest chap and stepping aside to let them get on with wedding planning – in the hope that Sinead would choose him.

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Sinead, though, stuck with Chesney, despite Daniel’s efforts.

But it’s obvious that Daniel’s totally still in love with Sinead – and she’s equally smitten, despite what she keeps telling herself.

As the wedding day dawns, Daniel turns to Carla Connor for advice and she begs him to follow his heart and stop the ceremony.

Daniel heads out into the Street, but Sinead’s already leaving – dressed to the nines in her flowery wedding gown. Is he too late?

Daniel and Sinead share an intense look across the cobbles (Credit: ITV)

“Thinking with her head, not her heart, Sinead sees Chesney as her future,” said Katie McGlynn, who plays the bride to be.

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And it certainly seems that way. Sinead doesn’t let her former fella stop her climbing into the car – but the pair do share an intense look as she heads off to the wedding ceremony.

Will Sinead say ‘I do’? (Credit: ITV)

“No matter how much she can convince herself she’s doing the right thing, she can’t help what she feels in her heart and she does still love Daniel,” added Katie.

As the guests gather at the register office, has Daniel given up and admitted defeat, or will he follow Sinead and try to stop the ceremony?

And will Sinead go through with marrying a man she doesn’t really love?

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