EastEnders SPOILER: Who is Fi Browning’s dad?

And why did she lie about him to Mick?

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Oh she’s a shady one that Fi Browning, isn’t she? Not only has she been pulling Max Branning’s strings over his faux-mance with Carmel Kazemi, she’s also lied to Mick Carter about her dad.

Who’s on the other end of that phone, Fi? (Credit: BBC)

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Before all the carnage in Albert Square kicked off – resulting in Steven Beale’s death and Jane’s life hanging in the balance – Mick escorted a drunk Fi home.

And while an uncomfortable Mick looked out of place in Fi and Max’s uber-apartment, Fi sobered up and began pouring her heart out to him.

We’ve already seen Fi open up to Mick about her backstory when she revealed she’d tragically discovered her mother’s body after she’d taken her own life.

A worried Mick asked Fi if she had any support in the form of siblings – which she brushed aside – or her dad. Fi then broke the news that her father was dead as well.

But after Mick made a quick exit when he discovered Johnny had been shot, Fi picked up her phone and called someone she referred to as ‘Daddy.’

Fi told Mick her dad was dead (Credit: BBC)

Now, we’re assuming that it was her actual father she was talking to and not a pet name she has for Max, so who is this man? Because if we know ‘Enders the way we think we do, it’s gonna be someone we’re already familiar with.

There are already a couple of fan theories doing the rounds – OF COURSE THERE ARE – and the most popular seems to be that she’s the daughter of the mysterious Chairman dude.

We’ve met him a couple of times and know that he’s the head honcho at Weyland & Co – the company that Max works for and his steadily taking over Albert Square.

It’s also been suggested that Fi could be the mysterious, non-present daughter of Ted and Joyce Murray. Hmm…we’re not convinced by this one.

There’s a third theory – our favourite – that Fi’s dad could be a shocking face from the past. We’ve heard whispers that she could be related to James Willmott-Brown who raped Kathy Beale back in the 80s.

Or could it be someone else completely?

What’s Fi hiding? (Credit: BBC)

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We have a feeling that Fi is about to drop another major bombshell – and we can’t wait.