Coronation Street SPOILER: Vengeful Eva teams up with a new man

A woman scorned plus a scorned man is a very dangerous equation

We always knew that Eva Price would never accept the piggin’ affair between Aidan and Maria Connor.

Not piggin’ likely (credit: ITV)

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Since day one, there was no way the blonde bombshell would turn a blind eye to her bestie having it away with the love of her life.

And Eva has not disappointed us. Since finding out that Aidan has been poking Maria, instead of having a public breakdown on the cobbles, she’s planned a longer and more fitting punishment.

We’ve already seen Eva buy a brand new PINK Range Rover and demand that Aidan splash the cash on some TOTR gadgets at home.

Next week, Adam Barlow who also hates Aidan, corners him and threatens to tell Eva about the affair.

Adam and Eva realise they are the only ones who know the truth and decide to put a plan together.

Adam suggests that Eva gets Aidan to put their flat in her name. She then convinces him to give her a job in the Underworld office, instead of on the floor.

What the ginnel is going on? (credit: ITV)

Shayne Ward, who plays Aidan has admitted that Eva going for the business is the worst thing she could do.

He said: “He wants to build this enterprise, he’s always wanted to be seen in his dad’s eyes as taking over where he left off, he wants to impress him.”

Aidan has wanted to do the right thing since finding out about Eva’s ‘pregnancy’ but somehow Eva ends up with Adam Barlow as a partner in crime.

Eva’s blackmail plan comes into question when Adam publicly confronts Aidan and demands he tell Eva the truth.

Eva, who knows her carefully worked out plan, won’t work if Aidan knows she’s on to him, demands that Adam meet her in the ginnel.

Eva is planning on rinsing Aidan (credit: ITV)

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When Ads shows her the picture of Aidan and Maria kissing, Eva turns on the charm and -Bob’s your uncle – the pair are in cahoots to bring the cheaters down.