EastEnders SPOILER: Trouble heading for the Taylor family this Christmas

Will they ever have a quiet life?

Just when it looks like the Taylor clan are about to get a break from their financial woes, their Christmas is about to take a dramatic turn for the worst.

Only weeks after Linda and Shirley Carter took pity on their neighbours and helped them get the bailiffs off their backs, the money-lending bullies are back and demanding yet more cash.

Karen Taylor’s in trouble again when bailiffs return (Credit: BBC)

After splashing the little bit of cash she had on her kids for Christmas, Karen is mistaken in thinking that they might actually have a drama-free festive break.

Karen is heartbroken when the bailiffs take the family’s Christmas presents (Credit: BBC)

But her spending spree comes back to haunt her a few days later when the loan sharks return and take all the family’s Christmas presents.

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Hitting rock bottom once again, Karen is desperate for cash and is given food for thought when Bernadette suggests that they go and visit Karen’s well-off sister, Kandice.

Bernadette suggests they ask Kandice for cash (Credit: BBC)

Kandice, played by actress and S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearritt, is a richer, younger, more glamorous version of her sister – and it soon becomes clear the pair don’t quite see eye-to-eye.

Kandice isn’t exactly thrilled to see her sister (Credit: BBC)

Bernadette is so desperate to help her reluctant mum, she’s the one who takes the lead and tells Kandice about her family’s predicament.

Kandice is reluctant to help her sister (Credit: BBC)

But when the pair arrive at Kandice’s once house, it’s clear she’s not that happy to see her sister and niece.

Karen and her younger sister don’t exactly see eye-to-eye (Credit: BBC)

With Karen’s attempts to get some cash from her sibling falling flat, it looks like it’s up to Bernadette to hold some crisis talks.

Kandice later goes to see Bernadette, but will she help her family out financially? (Credit: BBC)

She later meets Kandice without her big-mouthed mum by her side and appeals to her aunty’s softer side. Will the more subtle approach work and get the family out of trouble at last?

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Before she started filming with the EastEnders, Hannah told Digital Spy: “I’m over the moon to be joining the show, it’s such a huge part of British telly.

Hannah is set to play Karen’s sister, Kandice (Credit: BBC)

“I’m really looking forward to getting started and I can’t wait to see the Square in the flesh. Walford here I come!”