Coronation Street SPOILER: tragedy rocks Billy and Todd

There's devastating news for the couple next week

Corrie’s Billy Mayhew and Todd Grimshaw have their world turned upside down next week when Drew dies and leaves his daughter Summer without a parent.

But will Todd and Billy be prepared to take the youngster on?

Billy’s ex-boyfriend Drew turned up a little while ago and revealed he was terminally ill. He asked the boys if they would take Summer when he died, but Todd wasn’t keen at all on introducing a child into their relationship.

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The situation has been left up in the air, but Billy and Todd have been spending time with Summer in order to bond with her.

When Drew drops Summer off in the Bistro for another visit, he explains he hasn’t told her yet what the plan is regarding her future.

But it soon becomes apparent that Summer knows exactly what’s going on and as she shares her feelings with them, they are moved by how brave she’s being.

Todd’s pretty new to the whole parenting thing, and when he makes an ill-advised joked to Billy that they’ll be sending Summer to a children’s home, which she overhears, things start to turn a bit emotional.

As Billy and Todd brace themselves to ask Summer why she’s upset, the girl’s whole world collapses around her as word reaches them that Drew has died.

They take her to the hospital where Drew was rushed in, and his mother, Geraldine, arrives to take over. She makes it very clear to Billy and Todd they aren’t welcome and their services are no longer required as far as Summer is concerned.

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She even turns up at their home later to tell them to keep away from the funeral and never contact Summer again.

A devastated Billy is forced to try to deal with the loss of his friend and the fact he’s not allowed to grieve properly or carry out Drew’s final wishes.

But will they let the situation go that easily?

Recent location shots have shown the pair paying their respects at a funeral, so it sounds like they either manage to change Geraldine’s mind or they turn up anyway.

And with show boss Kate Oates confirming they the boys will become parents, we’re pretty sure this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Summer.

Kate also revealed that we’ll see a glimpse of Billy’s dark side – is he prepared to play dirty to make sure Drew’s last wish for him to care for Summer is carried out?

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