Emmerdale SPOILER – Tom’s huge secret is exposed

Watch out Debbie - he’s hiding something huge

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Tom Waterhouse has been hiding a huge secret since he arrived in Emmerdale – and Charity Dingle is set to be the one to expose it.

The shifty businessman has always come across as untrustworthy, and it seems Debbie was right to be hesitant about getting into a relationship with him.

Debbie’s attracted to Tom’s smooth-talking ways (Credit: ITV)

But as their romance grows from strength to strength, Charity starts to think that maybe Tom is too good to be true. And that’s because he is.

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Debbie has been drawn to Tom since the day they met (Credit: ITV)

Despite Debbie holding Tom at arms length at first, the pair are griping increasingly closer and it seems that the suave businessman might actually be good for Debbie and her family.

Debbie’s let her guard down and is falling for Tom’s charm (Credit: ITV)

But, when Tom goes to great lengths to avoid having his photo taken with Debbie, alarm bells start to ring for Charity.

Tom then tells Debbie he doesn’t want to come along to the big Christmas lights switch on in the village, and Charity, who has had her own fair share of dodgy men, starts to realise all is not as it seems.

Debbie also realises something shifty is going on and confronts Tom over his reluctance to meet Charity and he eventually agrees – much to Graham’s annoyance. But what are the pair hiding?

Debbie confronts Tom, but will he manage to talk her round? (Credit: ITV)

Last night viewers saw Tom getting shirty when Debbie refused to meet him the following day.

She sent a text message turning down his offer of lunch in favour of spending time with her kids and moving house. But what is it about a turned down lunch invitation that got Tom so grumpy?

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The penny is set to drop for Charity and she apparently soon discovers what Tom is hiding.

The penny drops for Charity, but will she be able to make Debbie see sense? (Credit: ITV)

Telling her daughter that they need to have a chat, Charity clearly wants to warn Debbie away from her new man. But what has Charity worked out? And how has Charity got to the bottom of this mystery before anyone else?

With her new fancy lifestyle with Tom growing on Debbie, will she be willing to listen to her mum and give up the posh restaurants and designer clothing?

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