Coronation Street SPOILER: Things set to get “steamy” between hot new couple this Christmas

Things are hotting up on the Cobbles

Coronation Street favourite Catherine Tyldesley has promised that the new romance brewing between Eva and Adam Barlow is set to get viewers hot under the collar.

Following her disastrous relationship with Aidan Connor, it seems Eva is finally ready to get back into the dating game – and she sets her sights on Adam.

Speaking about the new storyline that takes us into the new year, actress Catherine revealed to Digital Spy that her character has now moved on from her ex…

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“Adam is very charming and we know he’s not whiter than white. He does have this other side to him, but the side that Eva sees is very much Prince Charming and he was there for her.

“Because we’ve seen a lot with Adam with the darker side, I think it’s really nice for the viewers to see that he has got this softer side, too.

“On her wedding day, before Eva went to walk down the aisle, he said to her, ‘You take my breath away’. It’s nice to see that side of him.

Catherine also went on to explain that Eva’s always had issues with not having her father around, leaving her feeling like she always needs a man in her life… and it’s Adam who offers her that security.

“He’s being very gentlemanly and giving her lots of compliments.

“There’s no negatives to him. He kind of ticks every box for her.”

The good-looking pair finally get together in the run up to Christmas thanks to vicar Billy Mayhew playing cupid.

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He asks them both to help out at the local Christmas grotto – but ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for when Adam dresses up as an elf and Eva is a sexy reindeer.

Catherine has also admitted her costume revealed a little more of her than she’d have liked… “It’s so illegal! They’re at the community centre and it’s a children’s nativity, so I felt bad actually wearing that outfit in front of children!

“I actually FaceTimed my son from my neck upwards. There’s nothing fluffy about it, it’s a bondagey reindeer!”

When they go to get changed, she can’t get her outfit off and he’s like, ‘Oh, well I’ll help you’. Then, things get a little bit more than steamy. But it’s very funny – that’s the comic relief at Christmas.”

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