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Emmerdale SPOILER: There’s a shock proposal coming up in the village

Who's putting a ring on it?

Emmerdale’s recent revelation that Laurel Thomas shared a night (or was it afternoon?) of passion with her dead husband’s best friend, Bob Hope, left us reeling.

It wasn’t just us either – pretty much every Emmerdale fan in existence – was pretty stunned by their fling as well.

The ill-advised hook-up, which almost ended up with Laurel being charged for Emma Barton’s murder, spelled the end for Bob’s relationship with Brenda Walker, after he confessed he’d slept with another woman.

Bob is impressed at how Brenda handles the kids (Credit: ITV)

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Next week Bob decides he wants Brenda back after seeing what a wonderful step-mum she is to his rarely-seen twins. In fact, he wants her back for keeps this time and decides to put a ring on it.

It all kicks off when Brenda reveals Bob’s son, Heath, has hit Laurel’s little boy, Arthur, when he questioned him about their parents’ naughty romp.

Bob is impressed with the way Brenda handles the situation, seeing her in a new light and this is the catalyst to him wanting her back.

Determined to win Brenda round, Bob leaves a trail of clues that she must follow.

A treasure trail or a wild goose chase? (Credit: ITV)

After several mishaps – well, what did you expect from Bob – he plans to pop the question, but are his efforts enough to win back fair maiden?

Tony Audenshaw, who plays the cheating cafe owner, spoke to Soaplife magazine about his character, revealing that he has to make a big gesture to Brenda because the trust has gone.

He explained: “Doug helps him out with this treasure trail type thing, based on when they got together and it was all about Wuthering Heights.

“He knows Brenda loves literature and it is all based on that, he takes it to a special place.”

Things have been awkward between Bob and Laurel since their fling (Credit: ITV)

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We don’t want to spoil things by giving away Brenda’s answer, but it doesn’t look like Bob and Laurel’s fling isn’t going anywhere, judging by the awkwardness between them.

Tony thinks that Bob does have feelings for Laurel though, adding: “I suppose this thing was exciting when it happened. Laurel doesn’t admit there is anything, but he gets a bit of frisson of excitement when she is around and assumes she feels the same.”

But where do these ‘frissons’ of excitement leave Brenda?

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