EastEnders SPOILER: The truth explodes at Steven’s funeral

Will ALL his lies be exposed??

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Ok, so we pretty much know that Steven Beale’s funeral would never be a standard ‘lay this body to rest’ type scenario. Particularly with him being romantically involved with sisters.

And one of them being pregnant with his child.

And, the other, believing he had a brain tumour and had died trying to save her from a fire he started in the first place.

So yeah, it’s all looking pretty much standard soap fodder  on the whole funeral front.

It all kicks off  when Lauren (Steven’s main squeeze) feels distraught about not giving Steven the love he deserved when he was alive (don’t waste too many tears, pet.)

Lauren soon finds herself hitting the bottle again and is soothed by Whitney, who reminds her that she could lose Louis if she returns to her old ways.

Poor Lauren is left hungover on the day of the funeral, but does she make the right choices when it comes to burying  Steven?

And how does she react when she discovers that there was no brain tumour going on at all?

We’re going to assume not well.

Well, it probably doesn’t matter in the big scheme seeing as how Lauren and Abi have both been written out of the hit BBC show.

We were all massively devo. Esp, Twitter.

“So sad to hear Lauren (+abi) are leaving #EastEnders :/ really disappointed… eastenders is just getting worse by the day,” said one fan.

And controversially, some people thought it was even harder to take than the loss of the Mitchell sisters.

“Lauren and abi to leave #Eastenders even bigger loss of losing Ronnie and Roxy if you ask me.”

Whoa, calm down. We love them. But Ronnie and Roxy, guys!

Jacqueline Jossa, 24, and Lorna Fitzgerald, 21, who play Lauren and Abi have been on the show for seven and eleven years respectively and Jacqueline especially made it clear that she was sad about leaving with Instagram and Twitter posts dedicated to her on-screen sis.

But no matter how sad we are, the news has been confirmed with a statement from EastEnders saying:  “We can confirm that Jacqueline and Lorna will be leaving EastEnders.

“They have both been wonderful to work with and we wish them all the best for the future.”

And controversial boss John Yorke is supposed to have explosive plans for their goodbye storylines (should think so…) with a source telling The Sun that it’ll be “one of the biggest on-screen moments of the year.”

“[John] has form for creating huge plots, so they’re in safe hands over their departure,” the source said.

There’s the small fact that Abi is pregnant with Steven’s baby for secret number one (Credit: BBC)

So what do we reckon? Lauren to find out about Abi being pregnant with her dead ex’s baby (ah, soap) and leave, with her sister heading off after her? Something to do with Lauren’s drinking, which we know will make a return? Or will they start a new life with their mum Tanya, away from Walford?

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Or something more sinister, since they are from a family that, er, sometimes gets so mad they bury each other in shallow graves?

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