EastEnders SPOILER: Ted’s dark secret to be revealed next week

What did make him shoot Johnny Carter?

Among all the other drama of the gas explosion, fire at Beales, Steven Beale’s death, Jane Beale’s near-death, and Linda Carter’s cancer secret in EastEnders last week, we almost forgot about Ted Murray shooting Johnny Carter.

But as Johnny lies recovering in hospital, Mick and Linda want answers and demand them from Ted and Joyce.

Johnny’s okay, but Mick and Linda want answers (Credit: BBC)

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And as Ted struggles to open up about his feelings, it’s Mick who finally gets through to him and gets him to reveal all.

We know Ted was having flashbacks to his time in the army, but what we don’t know is exactly what happened to him that’s made things so bad.

When he shot Johnny, he was clearly not in his right mind, and wife Joyce has taken the blame.

Johnny gets a visit from Joyce in hospital and asks a favour from him (Credit: BBC)

But when she visits Johnny in hospital, he quickly realises Ted was responsible for his shooting and not Joyce.

But desperate Joyce begs Johnny not to say anything to the police, determined to protect her husband. Will he be able to keep quiet about it?

Mick and Linda won’t let it lie though and storm round to the Murrays’ demanding they offer up some sort of explanation for having a gun in the house and for shooting their son.

Linda and Mick will not let it go (Credit: BBC)

Joyce eventually reveals to them that Ted has a troubled past, but Ted can’t cope with any of it and rushes out.

Mick follows him and takes him to The Vic, where he encourages him to open up about his struggles.

Ted and Joyce are battling some demons (Credit: BBC)

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An emotional and anxious Ted finally comes clean to Mick about what he’s hiding and what he went through, and a kind Mick encourages him to seek help to deal with his demons.

Meanwhile, Linda is having a heart to heart with Joyce and is starting to soften to the situation too.

Will they Carters agree to forgive and forget now they know the truth? Or will they continue to insist Ted faces justice for what he’s done?

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