EastEnders SPOILER: The Carters get disastrous news that could see their lives changed forever

How will the family cope?

Just when life looked like it was getting back to normal for Mick and Linda, the Carter family are thrown another curveball next week – one that could cost them their beloved pub.

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As we know evil overlord James Willmott-Brown, has been using his kids Fi and Luke to help him worm his way into power at the pub. Next week, Luke will deliver the worst possible news – they’re going to be evicted and Grafton Hill will be taking over.

The Carters can’t afford to pay for the repairs the company has demanded, so they’re being flung out.

The desperate family appeal to Fi’s better nature, not realising it’s pointless because she doesn’t have one. She just tells them there is nothing she can do.

It’s business supremo, Whitney, who suggests they might be able to pay in instalments and Linda contacts Fi, asking for a meeting with Grafton Hill to see if this could be a possibility.

Considering all of this has been staged by JWB and his cronies, we don’t really like L’s chances.

Fi then slithers back to her Uncle Hugo, assuring him that the Carters can’t afford the repairs, or the instalments. Hugo tells them they have five weeks to pay up – or they’re out on their ears.

Mick and co. realise they can’t get the cash together that quickly and are back at square one.

But suddenly Shirley grows even more suspicious of Fi who is claiming she didn’t know that any of this was going to happen.

Has Shirl worked out that Fi has been spying on them and passing back information the whole time? We wouldn’t like to be in Fi’s shoes if Shirley really is onto her.

Fi returns later with an offer – if the Carters sell the pub’s leasehold, they can take a large payout and walk away. But the deal on the table is only on offer for one day.

As The Chairman arrives, Mick braces himself to tell him their decision.

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So what’s it going to be? Will they take the money and leave behind their beloved Queen Vic?

Or will JWB have a fight on his hands?

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