Emmerdale SPOILER: The Barton boys discover who REALLY killed Emma

Moira confesses!

Yet more villagers are going to be added to the ‘I Know Who Killed Emma Barton Club’ in Emmerdale next week, when Moira decides to unburden herself – again.

Moira is really going through it right now and things take another dramatic turn next week when she’s called in to identify a body the police could be her son, Adam.


Moira can’t live with her guilt (Credit: ITV)

Adam is currently on the run from the police after confessing to Emma’s murder to keep his fragile mum out of prison. He was helped out of the country by Aaron and Cain Dingle in emotional scenes last week.

Moira reaches breaking point when she’s faced with the devastating possibility that Adam could be dead – and it’s Ross that supports her through it.

He goes along with Moira to view the body and is by her side through the whole difficult ordeal.

Moira decides that she can’t live with the guilt any longer and confesses to Ross that she was responsible for his mum’s death.

Ross reacts violently, shoving Moira up against a wall – by her face.

Moira is unravelling (Credit: ITV)

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Luckily – or not -for Moira, Pete arrives just in time to diffuse the situation but it’s not long before he knows the truth as well.

What will this mean for Moira now both Barton brothers know the truth?

Will they hand her into the police?

Michael Parr, who plays Ross, recently spoke about the difficult situation his character is now in.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: “Immediately all Ross hears is that someone has killed his mum, and it’s a mixed bag because he did want her dead at that time.

“Had Pete done it, then I think he is the only one that would make Ross have said ‘Okay, we won’t say anything about this’.

“Moira does try and explain what happened, but when she tells that story, it just brings a whole lot of other things up for Ross, like that Moira has always been the reason that Ross has had a troubled childhood.

“He thinks: ‘If it wasn’t for you in my life, I might have turned out like the rest of them.’ So he wants to remove her from the picture.”

Ross reacts violently to the news (Credit: ITV)

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So will Ross hand Moira in? Will he have any luck after Moira already tried to hand herself in and was sent home?

Or will notoriously volatile Ross take matters into his own hands?