EastEnders SPOILER: Ted accidentally kills one Square resident when he fires his gun?

That's the problem with secret guns - they're bound to go off at some point

Ever since we first realised that Ted Murray had brought a gun with him to Albert Square after his move from Walford Towers, we knew it was only a matter of time before he shot someone.

That gun has been trouble since day one (Credit: BBC)

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Why else have a gun??

As well all know, the only reason to introduce a gun, is to shoot someone. It’s not going to sit there quietly in its box, never mentioned again…

Anyway, it looks like during next week’s chaos on the Square, Ted reaches for his weapon – and accidentally shoots a resident.

But who is it? And will they survive?

Ted and his wife, Joyce, have recently been left shaken after a seemingly random break in at their flat.

Ted was (possibly a little too) relieved to discover his handgun was still stashed in his secret place.

But as the much-hyped gas explosion tears through Albert Square, the Murrays are rocked as Ted struggles to cope, the blast bringing back some disturbing memories for him.

Does Joyce witness the shooting? (Credit: BBC)

Joyce tries her best to calm him down, but Ted only feel safe with his gun as protection.

He ends up pulling the trigger when another resident comes to check they’re okay following the explosion. But who is the unlucky target?

Our money’s on Johnny Carter after he and Ted exchanged some words about army life earlier this week.

We also know that Johny is involved in a further accident as the ambulance he’s travelling in ends up being over-turned.

Is Johnny the victim of Ted’s secret weapon? (Credit: BBC)

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Could Ted and his secret gun be the reason Johnny’s in the ambulance in the first place?