EastEnders SPOILER: Steven forced into a shock confession

Max pushes him to tell Lauren the truth - but is he up to something?

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Ok, so this whole Steven Beale brain-tumour thing is about to get a lot more confusing next week when Max Branning steps up and looks set to force Steven to tell Lauren he’s been lying.

Steven is shocked when Max arrives at the hospital (Credit: BBC)

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Which all seems a bit crazy, considering Max has been helping him keep his sick little secret, along with Abi, who provided some dog brain scans to back his lies up.

Honestly, the Brannings are making the Mitchells look totally functional and normal at the moment.

Steven starts to panic though when Lauren begins to insist he goes to hospital. He really didn’t think this through did he?

Knowing his lie is about to be blown out of the water, and his chances of keeping Lauren detonated alongside it, Steven frantically calls Abi to help him out.

Steven calls Abi for help (Credit: BBC)

Luckily for Steven, Abi is just as twisted as him, and puts in a call to Lauren saying she needs to come home right away.

Steven’s relief is short-lived though because Max soon turns up at the hospital and confronts him, saying Lauren deserves the truth.

Well, Max has certainly changed his tune over the course of a few days.

Back in the Square, Steven gears up to admit to Lauren that he isn’t dying of cancer, while Max watches on.

Will he go through with the confession? Or does Max hold another card he’s about to play? We honestly don’t know anymore.

Steven first told Lauren he was terminally ill after finding out she was planning on leaving him and heading for New Zealand with baby Louie.

After slamming his head against the wall in some shocking scenes, he told his unsuspecting girlfriend that he was just ‘trying to get it out’ – before ‘revealing’ he had a cancerous tumour.

Will Steven have the guts to confess? (Credit: BBC)

Lauren, feeling trapped by Steven’s ‘condition’, offloaded to her dad. Max was immediately suspicious, thinking that Steve-o’s sudden illness was a bit too convenient.

He rushed round to confront Steven, despite Lauren asking him not to. Max pushed Steven for information on the tumour, and a very prepared Steven reeled off the clinic he’d visited and sounded very convincing about it too.

But Max wasn’t fooled and immediately phoned the place pretending to be paying Steven’s bill. When he discovered, of course, that Steven wasn’t a patient there, Max headed round to the Beales’ and it looked like he was going to do the right thing and tell Lauren everything.

But once he got there, he instead told Lauren that he could see how genuinely sick Steven was (well, we suppose that’s not a lie – he’s just not sick in the way Lauren thinks!).

He then proceeded to offer his daughter support and encouragement that she was doing entirely the right thing by standing by him.

What is he playing at? How could he betray his daughter like that?

Is this all part of his big revenge plan? Is he now targeting Lauren after she let the Beales send him to prison for killing Lucy knowing full well he was innocent?

We had been suspicious he wanted to let Lozza off scot-free, but this, this is pretty harsh.

What are you up to, Branning? (Credit: BBC)

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Knowing that when Lauren was supporting Tanya through cancer she turned to the bottle, is Max trying to send his daughter back on the booze?

There’s definitely something going on with here with Max, but we just can’t work out what. Leave it with us though….