EastEnders SPOILER: Steven confesses to the Beales!

How will they react when he tells them he's dying?

Steven Beale’s cancer lie is set to grow even bigger next week when Lauren Branning forces him to tell Jane and Ian Beale he’s dying.

Is Jane in danger when she discovers the truth? (Credit: BBC)

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Poor Ian is left devastated by the news, unsurprisingly considering one of his kids is dead, one is in prison for killing her and the other is awol somewhere in New Zealand.

Who would’ve thought unhinged Steven would end up being the Beale Golden Boy?

But that image looks like it could come crashing down when Jane gets suspicious over the shock ‘diagnosis’. She’s a smart cookie, that one.

Ian decides that he can’t lose another child and begins researching treatments in America that could potentially save Steven’s life.

Jane is equally keen to save Steven and begins questioning him about his tumour, resulting in Steven snapping and telling her he doesn’t want any false hope.

Steven’s cancer lie looks set to catch up with him (Credit: BBC)

His reaction doesn’t sit right with Detective Jane and she makes a shocking discovery which leads her to demand answers from Steven.

Has Jane uncovered his twisted secret? And just how will he react when she confronts him over it?

Steven has shot Jane in the past, leaving her unable to have children, but will he finish off the job this time and murder his step-mum?

We certainly think he’s got it in him to murder someone to keep his secret buried. Poor Jane, bet she wishes she’d never met Ian and his shady brood.

Steven has been declining into a paranoid mess since suspecting Lauren was cheating on him with her sexy boss, Josh.

Determined to hang on to her, he began stalking her via a phone app. He also tricked her into getting pregnant by piercing holes in his condoms.

Lauren had a secret termination – and doesn’t know that her sister, Abi, told Steven all about it.

Before breaking his cancer news, Steven used a hidden camera to spy on Lauren at work.

He seemingly now has Lauren where he wants her as she’s given up her job, has agreed to marry him next month and is planning to let him adopt Louie.

Will Jane regret uncovering the truth? (Credit: BBC)

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But with Abi, Max and now possibly Jane all knowing the truth – it looks like it’s a matter of time before Steven’s web of lies is revealed.