EastEnders SPOILER: Stacey’s back – but don’t expect Martin to be pleased about it

Can the pair make their rocky marriage work?

Stacey returns to Albert Square with the kids next week – but let’s just say Martin isn’t waiting for his wife with open arms.

Instead, the pair are at war just moments after Stacey walks through the door. Does this mean their marriage is really over?

It doesn’t take long for a fight to break out (Credit: BBC)

After Stacey’s ill-adviced one night stand with ex Max Branning at Christmas, Martin’s still fuming.

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Even Stacey returning with their children isn’t enough to put a smile on the fruit-sellers face, and after a huge argument Stacey leaves to have a think about her future.

The pair can’t seem to move on from Stacey’s one night stand with Max Branning (Credit: BBC)

As Stacey contemplates where her marriage is headed, she ends up getting some much-needed advice from Ted, who clearly knows how to make a marriage work.

Martin smashes up the kids’ gingerbread house in his anger (Credit: BBC)

Stacey returns to her family home with fresh hope, but she’s soon furious again when Martin accuses her of sloping off to see Max!

Martin throws Stacey out (Credit: BBC)

After Stacey denies this a huge argument errupts and when Martin makes one mean comment too many, Stacey ends up slapping her husband.

As the situation spirals out of control, the market trader ends up throwing Stacey out – telling her she’s not having either kids or the house. Nice.

Everyone puts on a brave face in Stacey’s absence (Credit: BBC)

Later in the week Sonia and Kush take it upon themselves to help Martin and Stacey see what they could lose if they split.

As Sonia talks to her ex about making things right with Stacey, it’s clear Martin has no intention of backing down and remains adamant that she’s going to fight his wife for custody of their kids.

Kush and Sonia try to talk some sense into Stacey (Credit: BBC)

In the end the job of making the Fowlers see eye to eye is left up to Kush.

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After visiting Stacey to see if he can get through to her, Kush has some harsh words for best friend Martin.

Can the pair get through to their friends? (Credit: BBC)

But can he make him see sense before the Fowler marriage is over for good?

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