Corrie SPOILER: Shona digs the dirt on Josh

She's determined that he should pay for raping David

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Shona Ramsey is on a mission in Coronation Street next week when she decides to play detective and get some dirt on rapist Josh Tucker.

Her boyfriend, David Platt, is currently in prison having not turned up for his plea hearing and – while he struggles with life inside – Shona takes it upon herself to make Josh pay.

What will Josh’s former workmate reveal? (Credit: ITV)

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She visits David in prison and pleads with him to tell his solicitor Imran Habeeb that Josh raped him as what happened is an extenuating circumstance and explains his behaviour.

But her pleas fall on deaf ears and when she tells David that she confronted Josh herself, he gets very upset and Shona worries that she’s done more harm than good.

Imran pushes Shona for details on the extenuating circumstances she’s been alluding to, but will she tell him about David’s ordeal at Josh’s hands?

Josh tells David she confronted Josh (Credit: ITV)

Later Shona pops into the garage, finds Josh’s CV and steals it, planning on finding out about his past from former employers.

She heads to the last place of work listed on the CV, determined to find some dirt on him that will help her make him pay for what he did to David.

When she meets one of Josh’s former colleagues, he reveals to her how Josh was sacked and Shona is intrigued.

Meanwhile David isn’t coping with prison life and gets into trouble with his cellmate, Paul.

When Paul gently tries to wake him up, David freaks out and violently shoves him up against the wall.

David gets into trouble in prison (Credit: ITV)

Back on the cobbles, Alya has a bone to pick with Shona about her attitude towards Josh.

Confronting her, Alya demands to know what Shona’s problem is with her boyfriend and why she obviously dislikes him so much.

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Will Shona be able to keep David’s secret?

Or will she tell Alya that she’s dating a rapist?

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