EastEnders SPOILER: Shocking Christmas Day plot twists revealed

There's no turning back for the Brannings...

EastEnders bosses have promised that Christmas Day is going to be HUGE this year in Albert Square – and with these new pictures from the hour-long episode just released it looks like it’s going to be a cracker.

After making enemies with everyone on the Square, Max is surprised to be invited to the Fowlers for Christmas lunch thanks to his last remaining friend, Stacey.

They might be playing happy families now – but that’s all about to change (Credit: BBC)

Despite Lauren refusing to have anything to do with her dad, Max manages to win Abi around and she also goes to Stacey’s on the 25th December.

But little do they all know, Jane Beale’s voicemail that reveals everything Max has been up to, is sitting like a ticking time bomb – just waiting to go off.

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The truth about Max being responsible for Steven’s death, plus the fact that he nearly killed Jane and then ran her out of Walford, is yet another huge secret Mr Branning has been keeping from everyone.

Stacey is Max’s last remaining ally – but what will she make of the fact he tried to kill Jane? (Credit: BBC)

And it’s all there in Jane’s voicemail that she left for Stacey on her last day in Albert Square back in October.

Max’s youngest daughter, Abi, is even pregnant with Steven’s child – but how will she feel when she discovers her own dad killed the father of her baby?

When Stacey is reunited with her missing phone on Christmas Day – it looks like the secret message will play a major part in the festive episode.

Karen Taylor discovers Riley stole Stacey’s phone and demands he takes it back on Christmas Day.

Who will discover the message on Stacey’s phone first? (Credit: BBC)

Max and Abi are over at the Fowlers for their Christmas dinner when Stacey is reunited with her phone. But as she plugs it in to recharge – it suddenly becomes a disaster waiting to happen with Jane’s message just begging to be heard.

Will Max realise that the phone holds the power to destroy his life forever, or will Stacey get to Jane’s message before anyone else?

Jake Wood has been thrilled with how this storyline has played out, and claims viewers are going to love this Christmas episode as much as the big Branning episode that saw Max and Stacey’s affair revealed ten years ago…

Little does Abi know her dad is responsible for her baby’s dad’s death (Credit: BBC)

He recently told Digital Spy: “In terms of what I’ve read, they’re the best since 2007!”

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Jake also admitted he doesn’t think Max has an ounce of remorse over what he did to Jane Beale…

“Max has got a very strong sense of right and wrong. Of course he knows that he shouldn’t have done it, but if you asked him he would probably say: ‘I don’t care. They all deserve it’.”

Max and Abi enjoy Christmas dinner at the Fowlers – with Stacey’s phone sitting like a ticking time bomb (Credit: BBC)

Little does he know his dealings with Jane aren’t over yet…

“The voicemail is a ticking timebomb! I think Max felt he’s dealt with her and that’s the end of that. I don’t think Max feels any threat from her. It would be a shock if he found out.”

With the truth about to be revealed in the most dramatic way, tune in on the 25th December to find out exactly how the Brannings are set to be destroyed forever.