EastEnders SPOILER: Shock wedding proposal

Is that wedding bells we can hear?

Of all the people caught up in the Max Branning Revenge Saga, it’s probably Carmel Kazemi we feel most sorry for, considering she had naff all to do with Max getting sent to prison and wasn’t even in EastEnders when Lucy Beale was murdered.

All Carmel has done is fall in love, but it looks like her heart is going to be well and truly broken. Sob.

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Although things are looking pretty good for her at the start of next week when she ‘happens’ across a engagementy looking ring and is convinced Max is going to pop the question.

Erm. This could get awkward.

As we all know but Carmel has zero clue, Max is just playing her and using her position on the council to get information for Weyland & Co.

But she’s fallen hook line and sinker for his lies, even though his heart is really with James Willmott-Brown’s spawn, Fi Browning.

A loved-up Carmel suggests to Max that he moves in with her and when he makes some encouraging noises, Carm thinks it is game on.

When she finds the gorgeous rock among his things, she genuinely believes Max is going to ask her to marry him and they’re going to live happily ever after.

A delighted Carmel excitedly invites all her friends to The Vic for this is where she believes Max will get down on one knee – in front of the entire Square.

Deluded much?

Carms is left with egg on her face when, not only does Max not ask for her hand, he doesn’t even actually bother to turn up.

And if the sparkler isn’t heading Carmel’s way, is he actually planning on popping the question to Fi? And if Carmel sees the ring on Fi’s finger, will she twig what’s going on?

There is a bit of sweet irony to this as it’s becoming more apparent that Fi is just playing Max and using him to help her clan’s evil Albert Square takeover plan.

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What tangled webs these soap folk lead.