Coronation Street SPOILER: Shock wedding for two Weatherfield favourites

And it looks like a special guest will be flying over for it!

It’s definitely wedding season in Weatherfield rn, with nuptials coming up for Johnny and Jenny, Eva and Aidan, Steve and Leanne and, erm – Mary Smith and Norris Cole.

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Obviously, we  know that the Morris (that’s our ship name for the odd couple) wedding isn’t a genuine thing.

They’re tying the knot after Norris entered them in a Mr and Mrs competition to win a trip to South Africa.

His sweet little heart was in the right place because Mary’s newly-discovered son, Jude Appleton, lives there with his wife and baby.

But in a very weird twist of events, it looks like Mary’s upcoming marriage actually brings Jude back to Weatherfield.

Oh, it’s a tangled web Mary, love.

Next week, while she’s chatting to Jude on Skype, Dev’s cheeky (that’s the polite term) twins sabotage the call and tell him about her engagement.

Thanks to their hi-jinks, she’s forced to tell Jude that she’s marrying Norris, but she neglects to tell him that the whole thing is a sham!

When Mary tells Norris the turn of events and how guilty she feels about lying to Jude, he encourages her to tell the truth.

But Mary confesses that Jude is planning to fly out with his family, so they’ll need to pretend that the whole thing is genuine. Yikes.

Coronation Street have confirmed that Jude will indeed be arriving in Weatherfield later this month. Advance spoilers have revealed Jude will arrive back on August 21st.

It’s also been revealed that he’ll be joined by his wife, Angie and their baby.

Corrie viewers were first introduced to Jude back at Christmas as part of a sad storyline where Mary tried to track down the baby she gave up when she was a teen.

It came to light that Mary had been in an abusive relationship with the local church minister who groomed her at the age of 14.

Mary discovered she was pregnant, but left the baby outside a church when her mother didn’t support her.

Jude’s return to the cobbles was revealed back in April and it’s looking like it could be a permanent come back for him, which will leave Mary delighted.

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Once she’s figured out what to do about her sham marriage to Norris, that is.

Never mind Mary, the consequences won’t be as bad as Maria Connor’s sham marriage.

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