Coronation Street SPOILER: Shock split for Street couple

Is it really the end of the road for Robert and Michelle?

Michelle Connor and Robert Preston come to the realisation that it’s not actually Robert’s old mucker, Rich, who’s been behind the campaign of terror which has seen the Bistro firebombed and Michelle kidnapped.

Robert and Michelle stage a break-up (Credit: ITV)

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But while they’ve deduced it can’t be Rich, it leaves them wondering who could possibly have it in for them so much? And seriously – on that Street with at least one murderer, a bigamist, a kidnapper and we’re pretty sure there’s an arsonist in there too – it’s anyone’s guess.

The couple eventually come to the conclusion that whoever is tormenting them is doing it to split them up. So they decide to fake a split (sneaky) to see if it draws the culprit out.

Michelle takes a bit of convincing, but Robert manages to persuade her that she’s actually safer if they fake a break-up. A fake-up, if you like.

And he’s not wrong, because unhinged Will Chatteron (who we know is stalking Michelle) has already broken into their love-nest to find photos of ‘Chelle.

What a romantic.

When a tearful Michelle arrives at the Bistro and declares that she and Robert have decided to call it quits, Will can barely contain himself.


He wastes no time trying to get closer to Michelle, but will he accidentally give himself away in the process?

And how will Michelle react when she discovers Will has been behind everything? We’re guessing she’ll probably rip him a spare one.

We’ve seen Will drug Michelle and stuff her in the boot of a car, bound and gagged. He should probably think about teaming up with Phelan. Kidding, obviously.

More recently, he planted drugs in the kitchen at the Bistro and called the police, with Michelle narrowly escaping being caught with them.

Leon Ockenden, who plays Will, has promised fans that his character will get a fitting ending.

He told This Morning: “The storyline really builds to a head around the end of September. I think it will be a fitting and dramatic climax for everyone.”

Will will be kissing the cobbles goodbye this month (Credit: ITV)

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Then let’s hope Robert takes ‘Chelle on a nice little holiday. We think she’s earned it after her year from hell.