EASTENDERS SPOILER: Shock revelation leaves poor Linda reeling

How much more does she have to put up with?

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When Linda Carter found out that her hubby Mick had strayed with Whitney, we were worried that our favourite couple on Albert Square would be no more.

So we were glad to see that Linda was slowly trying to work through her pain and perhaps see a future in their relationship.

We were heartbroken when Mick confessed to Linda he ha strayed (Credit: BBC)

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But as you would expect on EastEnders, a shock twist is set to wreak havoc in the lives the Carters.

In next Thursday’s episode, there are tensions building between the couple and Fi Browning as the Queen Vic hosts a Ladies Night.

To start with, it looks calm as Linda is trying to get things back on track.

She reinstates Whitney at the pub, so that she can keep a close eye on her, and has given Tracey her job back too just to get one over on Fi.

But as you can expect, the peace doesn’t last for long.

Linda os no fan of Fi and is trying to get on over on her (Credit: BBC)

As viewers know, Fi is secretly still trying to grapple the pub away from Linda and run it on the ground at Max Branning’s request.

But Linda, who is unaware of her devious plan, thinks after a conversation with her she may finally be getting through to Fi about her constant changes.

But then Shirley opens her big gob, and undermines Fi’s position by causing a public scene.

Shirley says something that causes a ruckus in the pub (Credit: BBC)

A row ensures, Phil Mitchell tries to calm things down and the regulars walk out of the pub leaving Fi fizzing.

Mick serenades Linda – can that help win her affections back? (Credit; BBC)

But as Mick tries his best to rekindle the relationship with Linda during the night, SOMETHING happens that leaves Linda shell shocked.

What that is is anyone’s guess, but producers have teased something shocking will happen.

Could Fi be about to drop a bombshell?

Following a conversation where she tells Linda she understands exactly what she is going through following her discovery of Mick’s infidelity, can we assume that Fi has story to tell?

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Has she had a bit of Mick too as well as Whitney?

If so, can we have some too?

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