Coronation Street SPOILER: Shock health diagnosis for Rita

It's not dementia that's making her so confused...

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Ok, basically, you need to add a large box of Kleenex to your weekly shop, and leave it there for the foreseeable future as Corrie LEGEND, Rita Sullivan, gets a shocking diagnosis.

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We’ve all noticed her memory lapses and increasingly forgetful nature, but it’s about to be revealed that Rita’s memory glitches aren’t quite as straight forward as may seem.

It’s been assumed that dementia is behind Reet-pa-teet’s forgetfulness, but doctors soon rule that out by suggesting she has a brain tumour.

There’s some tests which confirm this, then Rita is left to absorb the horrifying news with her friends – including Bridezilla, Jenny Bradley.

With Rita’s condition so shocking and unpredictable, Jenny questions if she can go through with her wedding to Johnny or not.

Sally Ann Matthews who plays Jenny, admits it’s quite the predicament for the bride to be – although there is only one acceptable outcome.

Sally said: “It’s a huge spanner in the works when she finds out Rita is unwell… it’s a big wake-up call for Jenny (about her) priorities, and it’s quite interesting the direction that she goes in.”

She added: “The emotional scenes are very easy to play with Barbara (Knox, who plays Rita), they are going to be tugging at the heartstrings.”

“It’s a storyline that Barbara is so deserving of, it has been so well thought out and she has been very involved in the way it’s going to play out.

“As it was with Bill (Ken Barlow star William Roache)… to have two actors who have been in the show forever, who are in their mid-eighties, to be carrying ITV’s flagship show is exceptional, and they both do a sterling job.”

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Our tip – keep an eye on Gemma, who is fast becoming a massive Corrie highlight all by herself.

Gemma, who lives with Rita, has been the one who’s realised her roomie’s forgetfulness is more than just the making-a-cup-of-tea-then-forgetting-where-she’s-put-it kind of thing.

In fact, Gemma herself has been trying to make stubborn Rita realise how bad things have gotten, without spelling it out to her.

Things come to a head at Eva’s hen party later this week, when Rita collapses in the pub.