Coronation Street SPOILER: Shock arrest for Weatherfield resident

The police come knocking for this unlikely character

Corrie’s new autumn trailer has left us feeling very excited for the coming months, which is just as well as it’s already freezing and Christmas is still ages away.

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Luckily, we can rely on Corrie to give us something to look forward to as the evenings draw in.

One of the major shocks was previously squeaky clean vicar, Billy Mahew, being arrested. But why? And what will it do to his and Todd’s bid to adopt Summer?

Billy is arrested in new Corrie trailer (Credit: ITV)

The trailer shows their new tween-age house guest getting ready to light a funny-looking cigarette, while another shot shows her passed out on a bench.

Now, exec producer Kate Oates, has teased a possible revisit to Billy’s drug addict brother. Could these two stories be linked?

Kate has said we’ll definitely be seeing a darker side to Billy over the coming months, and has suggested that it will somehow link him to one current resident.

She told that we have a lot to learn about Billy and his past. Do we even know him at all?

Kate said: “Billy will discover that he has strong links to someone we know on the Street, and it will come as a big surprise. It’s part of a big story we have for him and it will affect several characters in a big way.

What is Billy talking to Peter for? (Credit: ITV)

“Is Billy all that he seems?”

In the trailer, we also see Billy having a really intense chat with Peter Barlow, which seems a bit odd as they’re not characters that cross paths too often.

Could Peter be the person Billy has a link to? And if he is, what’s the link? We know Peter’s got a murky past of bigamy, alcoholism and a stint in prison. Could Billy be tied to any of that?

Billy’s not the only Weatherfield resident facing some dark times, judging by the trailer. We’re pretty sure that at least one person ends up in the grave Pat Phelan dug for Andy Carver, with many speculating it could be his own daughter, Nicola Rubinstein.

Who is Phelan planning on offing? (Credit: ITV)

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At one point, Phelan is seen tooling himself up with a gun, and there are a number of possible candidates – including Nicola who Phelan is seen shouting at.

Could their short-lived relationship really be about to turn sour?