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Corrie SPOILER: Robert jilts Michelle?

He is less than happy when he spots Steve McDonald kissing his wife-to-be

Robert Preston does a sensational runner from Coronation Street next week when he spots fiancee Michelle Connor and her ex-husband Steve McDonald KISSING on their wedding day.

This doesn’t look like a happy ever after to us (Credit: ITV)

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The situation isn’t quite what Robert perceives it to be but that doesn’t stop the silver fox from jumping to conclusions and making the rash decision to jilt Michelle.

What’s actually going on is Steve worrying about his ex after her son Ali Neeson confides in him that Robert isn’t being entirely truthful with Michelle.

After going through Robert’s medical records Ali learns that the Bistro owner is not only still taking steroids, but his ‘funny turn’ which he put down to over-doing it at the gym was actually a heart attack.

Robert walks in on Steve kissing Michelle (Credit: ITV)

Steve tells Michelle what he knows and that he thinks she deserves better than Robert, before trying to kiss her and Michelle pulling away in horror.

But Robert sees just enough to convince him that Michelle could really betray him on their wedding day and he heads home where he throws his things in the car.

He tells a concerned Daniel Osbourne that the wedding is off and he’s going away – will Daniel be able to at least postpone him until Michelle has her say?

Daniel tells Carla that Robert’s done a runner (Credit: ITV)

As Michelle waits for the wedding to kick off, Daniel arrives at the Bistro and confides in Carla that Robert has done a runner and is heading to London.

Daniel also has the fun job of breaking the news to Michelle that Robert saw her and Steve kissing and has left Weatherfield, leaving the bride furious at Steve.

Turning on her ex, she blames him for Robert getting the wrong end of the stick and orders him to bring Robert back. Will Steve do as he’s told?

Michelle rejects Steve’s advances (Credit: ITV)

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Will the wedding go ahead? And will Michelle and Robert even get up the aisle before the entire thing is ruined by a crazed killer crashing it?

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Coronation Street airs every week night at 9pm on ITV from Monday 28 May

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