Emmerdale SPOILER: Returning Daz set to cause a rift between Dan and Kerry

Is he a reformed character?

Uh-oh… we can sense trouble brewing in Emmerdale, with one of the soap’s more unsavoury characters making a shock comeback in last night’s episode.

Kerry was out and about in town when who should she spot begging on the streets but Dan’s pain-in-the-neck brother Daz.

Kerry Emmerdale (ITV)
Kerry was stunned to see Daz (Credit: ITV)

That’s right – the very same Daz who caused a massive bust-up when he last appeared in the village three years ago, making a pass at Kerry on the eve of her ill-fated wedding to Dan.

And we can reveal that his return to the show will cause another major headache for the couple.

Credit: ITV
Daz’s return will cause fresh problems for Dan and Kerry (Credit: ITV)

It all starts when Kerry (played by Laura Norton) takes pity on Dan’s downtrodden sibling, and tells her boyfriend that she wants to help him out.

As you might expect, Dan (Liam Fox) isn’t keen on the idea.

Although his wedding to Kerry was ultimately scuppered by her ‘other’ husband Kev turning up, Daz didn’t exactly help matters, snogging the bride-to-be.

Oh, and then there was the small matter of him trying to rob David’s shop.

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So in an attempt to persuade her reluctant partner, Kerry drops a bombshell that leaves him speechless.

She reveals that she wants to rescue Daz from his plight because she was once homeless herself.

Credit: ITV
Can Kerry convince Dan to help his brother? (Credit: ITV)

The question is, will Dan give in to the pressure in the hope that his brother is a reformed character, or will he risk falling out with Kerry?

Whatever he decides to do, if he’s hoping the problem will go away, he’s going to be disappointed – Daz is here for the long term.

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Actor Mark Jordon, who plays him, has revealed that he’ll be back on the soap “indefinitely”.

“It’s lovely to be back. I’m overjoyed,” he enthused prior to last night’s episode.

But will Dan, Kerry and the other residents share that sentiment?

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