Coronation Street SPOILER: Rana shows her true feelings as Kate meets a new girl

She's got a bee in her bonnet when Kate meets Imogen

Yikes. Rana seriously does not like playing gooseberry when her mate Kate finds herself a new love interest in Corrie next week.

Rana squares up to Imogen (Credit: ITV)

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When Kate hooks up with newcomer, Imogen, in the Bistro, Rana reacts in a VERY SUSPICIOUS way.

But why? Is Rana secretly in love with Kate??

Kate and Imogen meet on a night out and it’s not long before Kate is stunned by Rana’s reaction to her finding a potential new snog-partner.

Rana, who is happily (ahem) married to Zeedan, is left smarting when Kate and Imogen hook up at the Bistro.

She complains that Imogen is taking advantage of a clearly drunk Kate and asks her to leave her friend alone.

Kate, however, doesn’t want to be left alone and it’s not long before Rana and Imogen are squaring up to each other – in the middle of the Bistro.

As if she wasn’t acting enough like a jealous lover, Rana’s mood sours even more when she realises Kate and Imogen have spent the night together.

Rana doesn’t like being a third wheel (Credit: ITV)

So what’s behind Rana’s – who’s always been supportive of Kate’s sexuality – sudden bizarre behaviour?

The popular (and most obvious) theory is that Rana has fallen for her friend herself, and it’s taken Kate finding a potential new girlfriend to make her realise her feelings.

Is there about to be a new love triangle on the Street? And where will it leave Zeedan?

Corrie fans have been desperate for Kate to find her happy ever after since being involved with the psychotic Caz. But, apart from a cheeky snog with her pal Sophie, Kate hasn’t managed to find true love.

Corrie bosses have teased that love is definitely on the cards for Kate.

She’s not happy to discover Kate and Imogen spent the night together (Credit: ITV)

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But is it with Imogen or Rana? HMMMMMM?