Coronation Street SPOILER: Rana shaken by pregnancy bombshell

She's sitting on a throne of lies

Naughty nurse Rana Nazir’s lies are about to catch up with her in the New Year as Luke Britton (him again??) drops a major clanger about her pregnancy.

Corrie fans will recall that Rana previously fibbed to Luke and told him she was expecting her hubby, Zeedan’s, baby in a bid to stop the mechanic telling his friend about Rana’s affair with Kate Connor.

Rana tells Kate she’s going to come clean (Credit: ITV)

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Luke caught Rana and Kate in something of a compromising position when their van broke down recently and the women finally gave into their feelings for each other.

But Luke wasn’t impressed, so Rana made up the baby lie to stop him blabbing.

In upcoming scenes the pressure will get to Rana even more as Luke drops a baby bombshell and mentions her pregnancy in front of Zeedan. Yikes.

Luke knows about Kana’s affair (Credit: ITV)

That’s what happens when you weave a web of lies, Rana.

Early in January Rana will be caught on the back foot as Zeedan confronts her and demands to know if it’s true, is she really pregnant?

Will Rana tell him the truth or continue to string him along?

Later, a shaken Rana tells Kate she’s going to come clean with Zeedan and tell him everything because she can’t deal with the lies anymore.

Kate is delighted that Rana has decided to leave Zeedan but when he excitedly starts making plans for his future with Rana – and any little ones that might join them – she’s left wondering if she can go through with breaking his heart.

Will Rana go through with dumping Zeedan? (Credit: ITV)

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Will #Kana fans finally get their wish and see their favourite soap ship together, or will Rana find another reason to keep Kate waiting for her?

Fans know that Michelle Connor is also onto the girls after catching them having an illicit meeting in the Bistro while she staged a robbery.

When Kate threatened to go to the police about the fraud, Michelle low-key threatened her by revealing she knows about their affair.

Hmm…we don’t think it will be too long before that cat is out of the bag.