EastEnders SPOILER: Pregnant Stacey DEAD in gas explosion?

The horror is set to destroy Walford forever

EastEnders is set to be rocked by a gas explosion at next week’s much-anticipated Walford In Bloom event.

As the Square’s residents battle to get to safety, two people are missing: Phil Mitchell and pregnant Stacey Fowler.

Things are looking good as the day begins. The sun is shining, the flowers are ready and the mayor is on her way to judge the competition.

Stacey gets in the swing of the event (Credit: BBC)

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But there’s a group of angry protesters, determined to stop the proposed ‘Halfway House’ project that’s set to be replacing the community centre.

A riot breaks out and the police are forced to intervene, but just then an exposed gas main is disrupted and there’s a massive explosion.

The police are forced to control the protesters (Credit: BBC)

As bodies are flung in the air, the fire rips through the centre of the Square leaving everyone’s life in danger.

Stacey, who had been in the spirit of the day with flowers in her hair and floral dress, is standing next to husband Martin when the explosion goes off.

Martin can’t see Stacey (Credit: BBC)

But when a bloodied but alive Martin looks round in the aftermath of the blast, his pregnant wife is nowhere to be seen.

He screams for her, but there’s no answer and he frantically puts his own injuries aside to hunt for her and their unborn child.

He screams for his wife, but where is she? (Credit: BBC)

Is she safe? Or has harm come to her and her baby?

We know at least one person is set to die in the drama, could it really be Stacey?

Meanwhile, the Mitchells are frantic with worry over a missing Phil. They have no idea where he is except that he was very close to the gas main when it blew up.

He’s had more lives than a cat – is his time finally up?

Jay forgets his troubles with Phil to help find him (Credit: BBC)

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One thing’s for sure, it finally helps Jay put his demons to rest as he joins in the search for his surrogate dad.

Will Stacey and Phil be located and okay? Or is it too late to save one – or both – of them?

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