Emmerdale SPOILER: Pregnancy shock for one villager

This will come as a surprise

Someone in Emmerdale is pregnant, but who is it?

Lawrence White received his blood test results last week and discovered he was pregnant.

Yep, we’re about as shocked as he was (Credit: ITV)

Hang on, what? Oh yes, Robert Sugden had switched the test samples so the blood tested wasn’t Lawrence’s at all, it belonged to another villager.

And fans are now convinced that it’s Moira Dingle who’s with child.

Moira could be pregnant (Credit: ITV)

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They’ve shared their theories on Twitter, insisting they’re certain she’s the one whose blood Robert swapped.

Next week will see Moira make a doctors appointment – suggesting she really might be the one carrying a baby.

But if so, who’s the daddy?

She’s recently had a night of passion with her ex, Cain Dingle, who then went back to his vicar girlfriend Harriet Finch.

Moira and Cain will always be drawn to each other (Credit: ITV)

She also slept with her nephew, Pete Barton, although that was some time ago – would she really not have found out she was pregnant until now?

A baby for Moira and Cain would bring about what some fans have wanted for ages, a reunion of Coira. But will he be able to let go of his feelings for Harriet quite so easily?

Meanwhile, Emmerdale has come under fire this week for scenes involving Robert and Lawrence in which Robert set it up so it looked like they slept together.

Lawrence was set up by Robert (Credit: ITV)

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His plan worked when he secured himself 30 per cent of Home Farm, but it left viewers with a bad taste in their mouths.

In fact, nine people complained to Ofcom about the bedroom scenes, and the broadcasting watchdog are assessing the complaints before deciding whether to investigate.

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