Emmerdale SPOILER: Pierce makes a terrifying return

Just when Rhona was getting life back on track...

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If you thought you’d seen the last of Emmerdale’s evil rapist Pierce Harris now that he has been convicted, think again.

Viewers will see him once again next week when Rhona Goskirk decides that she needs to see him one more time in prison, for closure.

Last week we saw Pierce found guilty of raping his wife Rhona (Credit: ITV)

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Last week, viewers were delighted when jurors found Pierce guilty of rape and handed a five-year prison sentence, but Rhona is still finding it hard to put the horrific ordeal behind her.

Pierce was given a five year sentence (Credit: ITV)

Before she visits her assailant and husband in prison, she goes to see her ex-hubby Paddy, who has been there for here throughout the whole ordeal.

But according to new pictures released one things leads to another and they kiss.

The next day, Rhona stirs from her sleep to find Pierce in her bed!

Has Pierce escaped from prison?

Luckily no, it’s all just a dream, but the vision makes her realise she has yet to close the door on the terrible ordeal she has been put through.

So in order to do so, she decides that it is best to go to prison and face the man who has destroyed her life and finally bring about closure.

Rhona visits Pierce in prison to bring about closure (Credit: ITV)

Will this work and help her put this terrible trauma behind her?

Or will she feel sorry for Pierce who is now behind bars?

And what about this kiss with Paddy?

Will we see a reunion between the two of them?

Rhona goes in for a kiss with her ex Paddy (Credit: ITV)

Not yet, Dominic Brunt, who plays Paddy has teased.

“Paddy can’t help be drawn to Rhona once again – he never fell out of love withher,” he told Inside Soap.

“He’s tried to be her best friend all the way through the trial and knows it would be ridiculously inappropriate to try to get back with her.

“So Paddy doesn’t instigate it – but when Rhona goes in for a kiss, it’s everything he wished for. It’s just terrible timing.”

Actor Dominic Brunt says that Paddy feels guilty for what has happened (Credit: ITV)

Dominic added: “She back-pedals frantically. The good thing is that Rhona takes complete control of her feelings and her sexuality.

“She doesn’t lead Paddy on at all – she tells him quite honestly that she’s not ready for it.”

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While Paddy is gutted that Rhona doesn’t go further he understands why Rhona has back-tracked – she just can’t get Pierce out of her head, which, he says, leaves Paddy feeling more helpless than ever.

“He regrets everything,” Dominic tells the magazine. “Paddy blames himself all Rhona has been through.

“He made a stupid mistake having an affair with Tess and that brought Pierce into their lives.

“Rhona has been very forgiving but it’s hard to see how anyone could get over what he did.”

The scenes will air next week.

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