EastEnders SPOILER: Phil Mitchell makes killer confession to Jay

This bombshell threatens to ruin them forever

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EastEnders fans are in for a shock confession over the next few weeks.

After nine years, Phil Mitchell will finally tell Jay Mitchell who killed his dad.

And he will confess that it was actually him!

What?!?! Yeah we know Phil’s no angel, but this is a shock, right?

Almost a decade ago, Jay’s dad Jase Dyer was killed by thugs while Billy Mitchell cowered in the shower.

Phil is planning to tell Jay the truth about the death of his father (Credit: BBC)

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After his death Phil took Jay under his wing as his guardian and looked after him like a son and has this week given him part of his business.

But now in an upcoming special two hander, gruff voiced Phil will confess to Jay that he killed his dad.

It is not clear as yet how Phil was responsible for Jase’s death, but we reckon it will go down with Jay like a sick sandwich.

According to soap insiders, son Ben will react badly to the shock development   while Sharon is devastated.

Bet Mitchell isn’t happy about that Phil has given Jay part of the business (Credit: BBC)

In last night’s episode, tensions were already building, as Ben attacked Phil about why he hadn’t given him as much of the business as he had Jay.

Phil admitted that he had given Jay part of the business because he “owed him” (Credit: BBC)

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During a heated conversation, Phil said he “owed it to Jay”, but said that he couldn’t expand on it.

But Ben was still furious and stormed off in a huff feeling hurt and unloved.

The reveal episode will be screened over the next couple of weeks.

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