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EastEnders SPOILER: Phil confesses everything about killing Jay’s dad in special episode

Fans who are confused by the plot twist will get their answers tonight

EastEnders dropped a bombshell on Friday night when Phil Mitchell revealed he killed Jay Mitchell’s real dad.

And in tonight’s episode a two-hander between Jay and the man he considers his surrogate father will finally see Jay – and the audience – get some answers.

EastEnders Phil Jay (BBC)
Phil has some serious explaining to do (Credit: BBC)

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Phil’s been on a bit of a downward spiral in recent weeks – according to Sharon he’s had the shakes and night sweats, and on Friday he trashed the kitchen at the Mitchells’ before doing the unthinkable and turning to drink again.

The whole thing seemed to be set off by Phil deciding to give the Arches to son Ben Mitchell and the car lot to Jay. Ben went into meltdown when it turned out the car lot is worth more.

Despite Jay insisting he and Ben will just swap the businesses and he’ll take the garage instead, a grumpy Phil has been adamant that’s not going to happen.

On Friday, when Phil was about to hit the bottle in the Arches, Jay found him and told him he saw the baldy boozer as a father and he wouldn’t let him hurt himself by drinking again.

As they fought over the whiskey, it smashed to the floor, and Phil went with it, cutting himself. Jay tenderly looked after the wound, but Phil didn’t want him there and tried to throw him out again.

EastEnders Phil Jay (BBC)
An angry Phil has a big confession to make (Credit: BBC)

The pair argued some more and eventually Phil snapped and revealed he’s giving him the car lot land because it was where he killed Jay’s dad… Huh?

So here’s what we thought we knew: Jay’s dad Jase Dyer was murdered by a gang of thugs led by Terry Bates while Billy Mitchell hid in the bathroom.

What does Phil know that we don’t? Was Jase NOT Jay’s real dad? Was Jay’s actual dad the man who Phil killed when he torched the car lot back in 1994?

EE Phil (BBC)
Phil tries to make Jay understand (Credit: BBC)

For those who don’t remember that plot, Phil teamed up with Frank Butcher to do an insurance job on the lot, but when Frank forgot to remove the petrol from the cars outside, the fire got out of control and a homeless man was killed as a result.

Was the homeless man Jay’s real dad? And just how does Phil know that for sure?

EE Jay (BBC)
Jay doesn’t know how to process the news (Credit: BBC)

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In Monday night’s episode, the two-hander is set to feature some powerful performances from two of the show’s strongest actors, but how will Jay cope with the aftermath of the big confession?

The pair are at the Arches, but soon Phil is following Jay home to explain himself some more, but how will the stunned lad take it?

Jamie Borthwick, who plays Jay, recently told Digital Spy: “There’s something in [the episode] that I think is going to leave viewers saying ‘whoa’. I think they’ll be very shocked.”

Hmm, what does that mean? Just what did Phil have to do with the death of Jay’s father?

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